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Flexible Packaging

Box Liners
Boilable/Microwavable Bags
Catalog Mailers - Teknapore™
Child Resistant Pouches
Coffee Bags
CoverPak™ - High Barrier Square Bottom Bag
Drum Liners
Fin Seal Bags
Frangible Seal Pouches
High Temperature Materials
Kraft Pouches
Mailers (Lip and Tape Pouches)
Mylar® Bags
Mylar® Bags > Colored
Mylar® Bags > Heavy Duty
Mylar® Bags > Mini Pouches
Mylar® Bags > Medium Pouches
Mylar® Bags > Large Pouches
Mylar® Bags > Mini Zipper Bags
Mylar® Tubing and Rollstock
Mil-Spec Pouches
OVERSTOCK (Discounted Items)
Pallet Quantities
Retail Bags
Retort - Autoclavable Pouches
ScentShield / Odor-Proof Bags
Stand Up Pouches
SpoutPAK™ Bags
Sterile Pouches
StikPak™ Bags
Uniquely Shaped Bags
Vacuum Bags
Window Bags / Vista Bags
Zipper Flat Bags

Desiccants & Sorbents

Bulk Sorbents
Caged Desiccant Capsules
Cargo Desiccants (Container Shipping)
C02 Pads - Carbonator
Custom Molded Desiccant
Desiccant Bottles & Caps
Desiccant Capsules
Desiccant Packets - Small
Desiccant Packets - Medium
Desiccant Packets - Large (Bags)
Desiccant Paper
DriBox Desiccant Cartridge
Ethylene Absorbers
High Temperature Desiccant Capsules
High Temperature Desiccant Packets
Humidity Indicator Cards
Humidity Indicator Plugs
IntelliDot Oxygen Detector
Liquid Absorbers
Long Term Food Storage
Non Ferrous Absorbers
Oxygen Absorbers
Fast Acting Oxygen Absorbers
Oxygen Indicator Tablets

Heat and Vacuum Sealers

Automatic Sealer
Band Sealers (RapidSealer)
Bag Clips (Heatless Sealers)
Chamber Vacuum Sealers
Commercial Vacuum Sealers
CounterMate Home Vacuum Sealers
Custom Pak
Cup Shaped Tray Sealer
Electric Vacuum Sealer
Explosion Proof Sealers
Filling Equipment
Footpedal Sealers
Freestanding Sealers
Gas Flush Vacuum Sealers
Gramatech Tabletop Sealers
Hand/Tabletop Sealers
Hippo Vacuum Sealer
Home / Lab Vacuum Sealers
HotCode Semiautomatic Printer
Hot Jaw Sealer
Impulse Sealers
iS2 Validatable Sealers
KeepFresh 108 Home Vacuum Sealers
Heavy Duty Circular Sealers
Heavy Duty Industrial Grade Sealers
Liquid/Paste Filling Equipment
LongBar Sealers ( 26", 30" and 40")
MPDSS Validatable Sealer
MP Impulse Bag Sealer
Nitrogen Gas Generator Kit
30" Pneumatic Tube Sealers
Pik N Pak
Pneumatic Vacuum Sealers (PVS - zVak 2.0)
Portable Handheld Sealers
Refurbished Sealers
Rental Sealers
Self-Contained Vacuum Sealer
Single Tube Sealer
T-Clamp & Scissor Sealers
Tabletop Medical Pouch Sealers
Tube Sealers
Vacuum Sealers


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