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Desiccant caps and closures custom designed and standard caps and vials offer an innovative desiccant to keep bottle contents fresh and dry. If you package your product in a bottle, and it requires protection from moisture damage or odors, you can speed up your packaging line and save space by using desiccant caps and closures.


Desiccant caps and closures have several distinct advantages for your packaging:

  • Saves space and speeds packaging time
  • Ingestion proof; no desiccant cartridge to lose
  • Dust-free desiccant barrier prevents contamination of your product
  • Optional translucent cap allows use of indicating desiccants
  • Activated carbon available for odor control
  • Unique vapor seal keeps out moisture
  • Available in press fit style, and available complete with bottle
  • Ample desiccant charge for long life
  • Controlled porosity of barrier prolongs desiccant life

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Currently IMPAK Corporation has two none-proprietary molds that are not the property of a specific customer.


It is important to bear in mind that the polypropylene tamper evident closure has a height of 19 mm. Thus, the 39mm tall vial (pictured at left) has a usable internal volume of less than 20 mm.

Our standard cap contains 2.0 grams of silica gel, but can be custom produced with a wide range of sorbents including molecular sieve, activated carbon, and activated clay.

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We strongly recommend that customers E-mail our Accounting department to set up an open account for standard quantity orders.

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