Single Tube Sealers

THS177 Series - Analog & Digital

Starting Price: $1,897.95
Standard Features:

  • Built-in air compressor
  • Analog heat and cool timers
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelf with height gauges
  • 7 inch wide Thermal Impulse Seal
  • Handle for portability
  • Master on/off illuminated switch
  • Clean room compatible
  • Can be used on all polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminated tubes
  • Made in the USA
proudly made in the usa

Analog Tube Sealer

*Need expedited production of this machine? Standard lead time is 5-7 workdays. For 2 day turnaround, please select the Expedited Shipping option and call for availability.

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  • •DIMENSIONS (L x W x H):
    14" x 10" x 10"
  • • Shipping Dimensions:
    18" x 15" x 19"
  • •Net Weight: 43 lbs

Stainless Steel Analog Tube Sealer

Part Number: THS177SS
Prepaid Price: $1,897.95 Quantity
Add On Options:

Digital Tube Sealer

*Need expedited production of this machine? Standard lead time is 10-12 workdays. For 72 hour OR LESS turnaround, please check the expedited box for expedited manufacturing service.

  • •DIMENSIONS (L x W x H):
    18" x 15" x 19"
  • •Shipping Weight: 42 lbs

Stainless Steel Digital Tube Sealer with Panasonic Thermal Impulse Controller

Part Number: THS177D
Prepaid Price: $4,438.50
Add On Options:

Need to increase your production speed?

Check Out Our Multi-Tube Sealer

*Now with standard with a stainless-steel body
Working in a Clean-Room Environment? The stainless steel body is the clear choice for settings which fall under FDA inspection for clean packaging; pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food applications. Easy-to clean, corrosion-resistant, durable and suitable for clean-settings.

The THS177SS is a small and compact thermal impulse sealer designed for short runs of tubes that are manufactured from LDPE, MDPE and HDPE. Sealing thick tubes or tubes with an aluminum layer? Contact our machinery sales department for more information regarding an upgrade to dual elements for harder to seal materials at

Available in a 5 - 7 day turnaround - this sealer machine is built to order. Need the unit faster? The expedited option can shrink that down to 2 days (call for availability).

  Analog Temperature Control Digital Temperature Control
Panasonic Thermal Impulse Controller (TIC)   check
Analog Heat and cool Timers check  
7" Wide Thermal Impulse Seal check check
Stainless Steel Body check check
Built-In Air Compressor check check
Adjustable Stainless Steel Shelf with height gauges check check
Handle for Portability check check
Master on/off illuminated Switch check check
Clean Room Compatible check check
110 volts / single phase / 60 Hz check check
220V Option Available check check
Can be used on all polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminated tubes check check
Pneumatically Operated (typically 60-80 lbs)   check
Pressure Gauge and Regulator   check
Exhaust Port   check
Calibration Ports for Air Pressure, Heat Time and Temperature   check
Heavy Duty Steel Construction   check

This product is Made in the USA

Panasonic Digital Thermal Impulse Control(TIC) Features

  •  User programmable seal temperature
  •  User programmable cool temperature
  •  User programmable heat timer
  •  Cycle counter
  •  Accuracy of ± 3° F
  •  Type-K thermocouples
  •  Max temperature 500° F
  •  24 VDC circuitry
  •  Screen lock
  •  Digital display
  •  Phase control
  •  Temperature reading every 18 milliseconds

Single Element Spare Parts Kit

Part Number: SPK1056
Price: $105.75
1 - ¼” wide, 7" Long  Heating Element
1 - Precut, ¼” wide, 7 ¼" Long Seal Rubber Piece
2 - 6 mil Thick, 2” wide, 8” Long *PTFE Flouropolymer Covers
   with adhesive strips
1 - 10 mil Thick, ½” wide, 10 ¼” long Adhesive
   *PTFE Flouropolymer Tape Piece
1 - 10 mil Thick, ½” wide, 7 ¼” long Adhesive
   *PTFE Flouropolymer Tape Piece

Dual Element Spare Parts Kit

Part Number: SPK1151
Price: $177.80
2 - ¼" wide x 7" Long Heating Elements
2 - Precut, ¼" wide, 7 ¼ " Long Seal Rubber Pieces
2 - 6 mil Thick, 2” wide, 8” Long
   *PTFE Flouropolymer Covers with adhesive strips
2 - 10 Mil thick, ½" wide, 10 ¼" long
   *PTFE Flouropolymer tape pieces

THS177 Series Consumables

2.0" wide x 6 mil thick PTFE Covers with Adhesive Strip
RM23010-1 : $18.70/yd
0.5" wide x 10 mil thick adhesive PTFE tape
RM23014-1 : $18.25/yd
0.25" wide Silicone Sponge
RM22055 : $15.80/yd
0.25"W x 9.25"L Heating Element
STH1407 : $33.50/ea
Liquid Filler Machine Filling Spoutpaks
Liquid Filler Machine Filling Tubes

Liquid Filler Machine Production Run

Dual Element

Also known as Bi-Active Heat.This option is used to seal thick materials or materials that require a high temperature to seal.
A standard sealing machine is equipped with a single sealing bar. A unit with the dual element option has two seal bars, this allows both sides of the film to be heated simultaneously. It also reduces the time it takes to seal a material, increasing production and output.
Typical applications for the Dual Element option include, tubes and flexible packaging used for products made with glycerin, oils or thick creams that can seep between the layers during the sealing process.

Dual Element Kill Switch Option

This option refers to a toggle switch that allows the user to turn the second heating bar on or off on a unit that already has the dual element option.
This option will convert the sealing unit from single element to dual element and back at the flip of a switch. This is extremely useful when sealing tubes of varying thickness, or when sealing different types of products on the same machine.

220 Volt Option

In the United States, 110 volts of power is standard. However, in places such as South America, Europe, Australia, and parts of Asia, the standard is 220 Volts of power. This option allows the user to operate the unit where 220 Volts of power are available.

5/8” Wide Element with 220 Volt Option

he 220 Volt unit comes with a ¼” wide heating element. This option allows the unit to have a 5/8” wide heating element. This is used for aesthetic purposes or for larger tubes that require wider seals. This option is only available for units that work with 220 Volts of power.

Bar Drilled Option for Water Cooling

This option refers to the holes that have been drilled through a second seal bar that allow cool water to flow through the bar. As the unit is used repeatedly, the heating elements tend to get hotter and, after a while, the user must pause to allow them to cool before resuming sealing. With a water cooled system, this wait time is dramatically reduced. Note: For this to work, you must also have a Digital Water Chiller. See below

Digital Water Chiller

This self-contained water cooling and circulating system allows the user to cool the heating elements by using cold water. This option can dramatically increase sealing production by reducing cool down time. Note: for this to work, you must have the Bar Drilled Option for Water Cooling described above.

Bar Drilled For Air Cooling

The seal bars have been drilled to allow for air cooling. While reducing wait time and increasing production, this option is not as effective as the water cooled system.

Additional Tube Racks(available only for the MSTSS760 Pneumatic Tube Sealer)

Custom cut tube racks made to the customer’s specifications. This allows the user to have multiple tube racks available for use. The use of multiple racks can speed up production time.

Heated coding Bar Option (available only for the MSTSS760 Pneumatic Tube Sealer)

This custom embossing attachment is made according to the customer specifications. This option allows the user to emboss a message in the seal of tubes. Available only for a single element machine, this option can be used for Part Numbers, Lot Numbers, Company Names, dates, or any other information necessary. You will need to purchase the number and letter sets separately. For additional information, please contact our sales department at

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