Certified Explosion-Proof Heat Sealing Machines

For Hazardous Locations (Class, Division & Group)

      We are experts in custom sealing machinery and known for our ability to solve complex sealing challenges. Our sealing equipment can be built to specs that meet military and medical cerification by US and European approval agencies for explosion-proof safety standards, in addition to adding validation capabilities, vacuum seal capabilities, and more. We design and manufacture custom sealing equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers. These are made to order and can be purchased in horizontal/vertical orientation, and with seal lengths up to 110" and beyond. Each Explosion Proof unit comes with our state of the art Intelligent Sealing System (iS²) and Temperature Controller (+/- 3deg) for accurate and reliable results every time.

Available Options

  • Horizontal or Vertical Orientation
  • Vacuum Seal System
  • Cleanroom Ready Design
  • 3rd Party Calibration Services
  • Validation System
  • SS or Powder Coated Body

   "Enclosed in a case that is capable of withstanding an explosion of a specified gas or vapor that may occur within it and of preventing the ignition of a specified gas or vapor surrounding the enclosure by sparks, flashes, or explosion of the gas or vapor within, and which operates at such an external temperature that a surrounding flammable atmosphere will not be ignited thereby.”

– Article 100 of the NEC describing an Explosion-Proof Apparatus

Types of Hazardous Locations

Class I - Flammable Gas

Class I locations are catagorized by a presence of flammable gasses or vapoprs in the vacinity - such as natural gas, gasoline vapors or other chemical accelerants. In these conditions the potential for a spark to cause ignition cannot be ingored.

  • - Aircraft hangars
  • - Fuel servicing areas
  • - Dry cleaning plants
  • - Spray painting facilities
  • - Commercial garages
  • - Bulk storage plants
  • - Areas with liquefied petroleum
  • - Areas with natural gas

Class II - Combustable Dust

Class II hazardous locations have a presence of combustable materials suspended in the air. dist and particals can cause poowerful explosions after being exposed to a spark in certain conditions.

  • - Grain elevators
  • - Flour and feed mills
  • - Plants with magnesium or aluminum powder
  • - Medicine manufacturing plants
  • - Producers of starch or candies
  • - Sugar and cocoa processing plants
  • - Locations with fireworks
  • - Coal plants and other carbon handling areas

Class III - Ignitable Fibers

Class III locations have areas with easily ignited fibers close enough to equipment to make a spark a fire hazard.

  • - Textile Mills / Clothing Manufacturing
  • - Plants with Cut Wood And/Or Heavt Sawdust
  • - Paper Recycling Facilities

"IMPAK worked backwards from our certification specifications to produce equipment specifically made to meet our exact needs.”

– Engineering Manager, Major Chemical Producer for U.S. DOD

Certified Explosion Proof vs. “Built-in-Accordance”

UL Certification for Hazardous Locations
CSA Certification for Hazardous Locations

      For projects where the environment requires strict safety standards, Sorbent Systems brings our decades of experience in the packaging space to ensure your equipment maintaines safety and efficiency standards. Especially for those working with US or Foreign militaray organizations understanding your equipments capabilities and certifications is an absolute necessity. If your project requires the full UL / CSA certifications prior to installation, we can work with you to coordinate with the certifying agency ahead of shipment.

      For customers who do not need a cerification on file, we offer our "Built In Accordance" option. We use our exerience and most current understandings of certification requirements to build your machine to meet those high specifications. For some customers this can save time and the high certification fees. Please note that this option is not certified by any agency and you take on the risks involved. To this end the unit would no longer be labeled as "Explosion-Proof" without final certifications.

“I went with IMPAK because they were the only company that insisted on third-party certification with all the documentation I required. ‘Explosion-proof’ isn’t something I can simply take a company’s word on.”

– Project Manager, U.S. Military Munitions Ordnance Group

Explosion Proof Sealer Videos

Built in Accordance with: Class 1 | Div 1 | Group A

Watch on YouTube: "Class 1 group A explosion proof sealer"

Built in Accordance with: Class 1 | Div 2 | Group D

Watch on YouTube: "Class 1 group D explosion proof sealer"

Vertical Vacuum Unit for Military Application

Watch on YouTube: "Military Explosion-proof sealer"

Horizontal Vacuum Unit for Aerospace Application

Watch on YouTube: "Horizontal Sealing Unit Demo"

Custom Configurations

We mention going up to 110" seal lengths and beyond, but the truth is we make the right machine for your needs. We can provide the same reliability and safety even going smaller to sizes suitable for tabletop.

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