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Incoming Product Assessment (IPA)

Sealer Assessment, technical calibration & Repair Service

We service every brand of sealer, regardless who made it.

  • Vacuum Sealers
  • Large Band Sealers
  • MP & MPD Series
  • Pik N Pak
  • Custom HD
  • THS177
  • THS177D
  • MSTSS760 Pneumatic Tube Sealer
  • Hand Sealers
  • Retractable Nozzle Sealers
  • Impulse sealers
  • Foot Pedal Series
  • Thermal Weld Sealers
  • And Many More…
Our technical service department is a knowledgeable group of individuals who are trained to service, calibrate and repair all types of vacuum sealers, even those we do not carry.

Whether you have a small vacuum sealers with little or no vacuum, or an industrial grade Thermal Weld vacuum sealer with a broken CPU, our technicians are ready to resolve your problem and get you back in production.

If you would like for us to asses any problems you may be having with your machine, even if we did not manufacture it, we will do so at no cost and provide you with a quote for any repairs needed.

Do you have Vertrod-style machinery?

We are a world leader in repairing, rewiring and reconfiguring Vertrod-style machinery as good as or better than the OEMs . We can provide all of your spare parts needs, including:

heating elements, pre-cut PTFE fabric with punched holes, PTFE rolls with or without holes, premium grade PTFE tape, power transformers, silicone rubber, flat ribbon elements, PTFE coated fabrics and pressure sensitive tapes, PTFE cloth by the piece or roll, zone tape, micro switches, power relays, timer modules, transformers, potentiometers, foot switches, fuses, air cylinders, regulators, solenoid valves, repair kits, sealing bars, watlow controllers for heating elements and much more.

Improve your old machines

Most Vertrod-style machines came equipped with .005 thick heating elements. We can retrofit your machine with .007 thick heating elements to produce better seals and drastically lessen downtime.

For information, please call 310-715-6600, or email us at

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