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PIK N PAK™ Bag Opening and Bag Sealing System

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The PIK N PAK™ System is capable of opening and sealing most types of printed or unprinted pre-made pouches. At a rate of up to 20 bags per minute, this machine will increase production and lower labor costs, paying for itself.

Units can be customized to meet specific applications for different products. Some customizations include filling modifications to package liquid, powder, or solid products.

The PIK N PAK™ can be easily integrated with a filling/weighing machine, or adapted for manual filling. The PIK N PAK™ is capable of opening a bag as small as 3.4 inches in width and 4 inches in length. Adjusting for different bag sizes takes less than five minutes. With a pneumatic safety system and a easy-to-read interface, entry level personnel can be trained to operate the PIK N PAK™ System.



  • Bag Range:

    Width: 5" to 11"
    Length: 5" to 12"

  • Bag Opening Speed: 20 Bags/minute

  • Vacuum Pressure: 26 inHG

  • Air Consumption: 7 CSFM @ 80 psi minimum of clean/dry compressed air

  • Seal Width: 0.5 inch

  • Maximum Seal Length: 11 inches

  • Power: 220 Volts/50 Hz


  • Works with Pre-Made pouches

  • Easy adjustment for different sized pouches

  • No Bag No Drop

  • Low Operating and Maintenance Cost

  • Multi Bag Format

  • Omron Temperature Controllers

  • Delta Touchscreen

  • Mitsubishi PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

  • SMC Venturi Vacuum Pump

  • Airtac Cylinders, Valves and Vacuum Pads

Options and Accessories:

  • Take Away Conveyor

  • Gripper Seal for liquids or powder

  • Omron PLC

  • SMC Pneumatic Components

  • Hot Stamp Printer

  • Vacuum Function

Industrial Grade Stainless Steel Bag Opening and Bag Sealing System REQUEST A QUOTE
Take Away Conveyor REQUEST A QUOTE
Gripper Seal for liquids or powder REQUEST A QUOTE

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