Impulse Sealers

Tabletop Impulse Sealers

Low Production / Samples
IPK Series
Scissor Impulse Sealers
ipk series

Coming in a variety of sizes and used for multiple applications, impulse sealers are found in many industries including food packaging, manufacturing, construction, apparel, and the medical community.

PTS Series
Push to Seal Hand Press Sealer
push to seal

Easy to operate - hand press – no warm-up time. Can be operated horizontally on a table or mounted vertically which allows the package to remain upright while being sealed.

  IPK Series PTS Series
Analog Temperature Timer check check
Powder Coated Finish check -
Stainless Steel Finish - check
Multiple Seal Widths check -
Vertical Mount Configuration - check

info Vocational Work Center for Individuals with Disabilities

vocational work center

IMPAK Supports Vocational Work Centers that provide opportunities for individuals with disabilities worldwide. Ask us about our special pricing to support your project needs.

Our client, Vocational Work Center for Individuals of Disabilities, had an urgent need to heat seal bags for various packaged pet products. They required an economical and easy to use heat sealer. There are many sealers out there that will make a string seal or a narrow 2mm wide seal (less than 1/10” Note: 25.4mm is an inch!) Look at the value that an extra $10.80 per sealer provides! The wider seal is worth far more in the long run since the extra cost is less than ½ penny per bag that is sealed [see full article]

Helpful Videos

Vertical Mounted Push to Seal - watch here
How to Change Impulse Hand Sealer's Spare Parts Kit - watch here

Impulse Sealer Demonstration - watch here

Need Precise Control of Time, Temperature and Pressure?

Introducing the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2)

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