Impulse Heat Sealers

Portable Impulse SealerImpulse Heat Sealers are designed for the continuous sealing of thermoplastic films such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These sealers operate on the impulse sealing method, controlled by a plug-in transistorized circuit board. They work by delivering an instantaneous high current impulse to a heater ribbon on the device surface.

Coming in a variety of sizes and used for multiple applications, impulse sealers are found in many industries including food packaging, manufacturing, construction, apparel, and the medical community. Because of their ease of use, low energy costs, light weight, exceptional safety standards and consistent reliability, there is a growing demand for impulse heat sealers.

Impulse Heat Sealers
Shown above are the 4", 8" 12", 16", and 20" sealer models

How much better would your product look without a 2mm string seal?
Upgrade to a secure 5mm seal with our impulse sealers

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Image Max Seal Length Seal Width Weight Part Number Order W/Spare Parts Kit
4 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 4" - 100mm 5mm 7 lbs IPK-105H


Case of 10
Includes 10 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
8 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 8" - 200mm 5mm 9 lbs IPK-205H


Case of 10
Includes 10 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
12 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 12" - 300mm 5mm 13 lbs IPK-305H


Case of 6
Includes 6 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
12 inch 8mm Impulse Heat Sealer 12" - 300mm 8mm 13 lbs IPK-308H


Case of 6
Includes 6 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
$12.50 more than the 305 and worth $25.00 more!
16 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 16" - 400mm 5mm 15 lbs IPK-405H


Case of 6
Includes 6 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
20 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 20" - 500mm 5mm 21 lbs IPK-505H


Case of 4
Includes 4 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.

Spare Parts Kits:
SPK04 (4.0" Spare Parts Kit for IPK-105H: $18.95)  
SPK08 (8.0" Spare Parts Kit for IPK-205H: $22.95)  
SPK12 (12.0" Spare Parts Kit for IPK-305H: $26.95)
SPK16 (16.0" Spare Parts Kit for IPK-405H: $30.95)
SPK20 (20.0" Spare Parts Kit for IPK-505H: $34.95)

Choosing the Right Sealer for Your Setting

Quick Change Sliding Knife

Impulse Heat Sealer with Knife
Benefit: The built-in blade lets you trim bags for a neat and finished look and saves you money by creating your own custom size bags with economical lay flat tubing.
*Please note that the prices below are exclusive for purchase with sealer
Image Max Seal Length Seal Width Heat Time Weight Part Number Order W/Spare Parts Kit
8" - 200mm 5mm 0.2-1.3 sec 9 lbs IPK-205HK


12" - 300mm 5mm 0.2-1.3 sec 13 lbs IPK-305HK



Each unit above comes complete with a six-month warranty


Suitable for poly bag sealing, and an excellent value for the money, these units are NOT for foil bags.
Model Max. Seal Length MMT * Seal Width Watts Weight Order
FS-100 4" 3 mil 2mm 180W 4 lbs $29.50
FS-200 8" 3 mil 2mm 310W 6 lbs $34.50
FS-300 12" 4 mil 2mm 430W 10 lbs $45.00
FS-400 16" 4 mil 2mm 600W 12 lbs $57.50

Portable Heat Sealer

Portable Heat Sealers Portable Heat Sealers are ideal for sealing polyethylene and laminated foils. Applications include sealing around oddly shaped products such as drum or box liners or sealing around large objects such as furniture.

Each sealer is lightweight and portable. The operator simply squeezes the handles to open the jaws and clamps on the film being selaed. A start button located on the seal jaw is activated. An indicator light on the main housing signals the start and finish of the seal cycle.

The heat cycle is controlled by a timer on the main housing. The operator simply increases or decreases the heat as desired. Upon completion of the cycle, the operator again squeezes the jaw, releasing the sealed product. All controls are solid state. An eight foot power line, and eight foot sealer cord is standard.

12" Impulse hand operated self-contained sealing unit
PRICE: $895.00


15" Impulse hand operated self-contained sealing unit
PRICE: $945.00


Easily Interchangeable Nichromes

This system gives you the most for your packaging dollar. A wide seal for improved seal integrity on hard to seal materials and a narrow seal for aesthetics or tear seal applications.

One Machine - two interchangeable seal widths. You can switch between the 5mm(1/4") or 2mm(1/16") element in seconds without special tools.

All Metal Construction

All metal construction will stand up to the long term daily use of any packaging or sealing need.

The body is formed out of rugged cast Aluminum and the pivot is all Steel.

Solid State Impulse Timer

With a simple turn of the dial your impulse hand sealer accurately seals a wide variety of thermal plastics exactly - every time.

A turn of the timer is all it takes to accurately set heat seal time. A steady red, then blinking, light indicates the heat seal cycle is completed.

UL Approved

You can have the peace of mind knowing these machines meet stringent electrical safety standards.

The Hand Impulse Sealer is marked with the respected Underwriters Laboratories certification.


*PTFE Flouropolymer Adhesive & *PTFE Flouropolymer Cover MUST BE REPLACED when heating element has burned through the *PTFE Flouropolymer. Replacement *PTFE Flouropolymer ADHESIVE (BOTTOM *PTFE Flouropolymer) MUST ALWAYS extend 1/2" past the machine on both ends & then be bent down. This is the only barrier berween the metal machine & metal heating element. Heating element will break if instruction is not followed.

This is why you should ALWAYS purchase a spare parts kit for your sealer at the time of purchase.

Each kit contains: 2 replacement nichrome elements and 2 replacement *PTFE Flouropolymer covers. When used properly, impulse sealers will seal 3,500-5,000 times before the element (and adhesive *PTFE Flouropolymer and *PTFE Flouropolymer cover) needs to be replaced.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer

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