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Poly bag special price for sealer buyers!

LongBar Heat Sealers

LongBar Sealer

There have never been sealers of this length that did not cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars more.

Applications Include: Bag making, Rollstock splicing, large cover or shroud construction, vehicle storage covers, tubing construction, etc.

Model Max. Seal Length Seal Width Watts Weight Price Order
LB24 24" 2.7mm FS-600 14 lbs $217.00
LB28 28" 2.7mm FS-700 30 lbs $237.00
LB32 32" 2.7mm FS-800 40 lbs $268.00
LB36 36" 2.7mm FS-900 40 lbs $324.00

The spare parts kits are designed to help you through any situation that could possibly result from regular production use of the equipment.

P/N Description Price Order
LB24SPK Spare parts kit for LB24 $40.99
LB28SPK Spare parts kit for LB28 $42.45
LB32SPK Spare parts kit for LB32 $44.90
LB36SPK Spare parts kit for LB36 $47.50

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer

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