Coffee & Tea

coffee beans and tea leaves

Where would we be without coffee and tea? These delightful beverages keep the world buzzing and represent billions of dollars of revenue for businesses worldwide. But to get coffee or tea to market, a business needs the right packaging. IMPAK will help.
Whether your coffee is whole bean or ground or your tea is loose leaf or in packets, the right packaging can keep your product relaiably fresh, aromatic, and flavorful. But more importantly, the right sealer will make a huge difference in delivering the taste you want.

Control the Oxygen, Control the Flavor

Arguably the most important factor in maintaining freshness when packaging coffee and tea is oxygen content. Anyone who deals in these beans and leaves knows that oxygen degrades taste and aroma, and can cause rancidity. Ideally your package should have an oxygen content of 3% or less, and the best way to do this is by incorporating a nitrogen (gas) flush when sealing your product in a container with a ultra-low OTR (oxygen transmission rate). Additionally, using a vacuum-seal and/or oxygen absorber packets will definitely ensure a practically oxygen-free environment.

roasting coffee beans

Coffee Chemistry Corner

Read in more detail about the complex science behind coffee roasting, processing, and packaging via the following links:

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We recommend the following products to help with your coffee and tea needs:
Packaging: Uses Why this?
Side Gusset Pouchesside gusset pouches Whole Bean Coffee
Ground Coffee
Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
The classic bag for coffee: looks good standing on a shelf, available in square-bottom style, variety of sizes and colors, many come pre-fitted with one-way valves, can be custom printed
Stand Up Pouchesstand up pouches Whole Bean Coffee
Ground Coffee
Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
Also a great choice for shelf placement, available in a wide variety of styles including popular kraft pouches, can be custom printed
SpoutPAKā„¢ PouchesspoutPAK pouches Cold Brew Coffee
Brewed Tea
Space, material, and cost-saving beverage packaging alternative to bottles or cans, can be printed edge-to-edge, variety of fitments available

Sealers: Uses Why this?
Vertical Rapid Sealersvertical rapid sealers Whole Bean Coffee
Ground Coffee
Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
The most efficient way to reliably seal in fresh flavors; available with nitrogen flush and vacuum seal options
Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealersretractable nozzle vacuum sealers Whole Bean Coffee
Ground Coffee
Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
For those who are processing high volumes of product; available with nitrogen flush and vacuum seal options
Hand Sealershand held sealer Small pouches
Low volume
An economical alternative for occasional sealing of smaller pouches

Sorbents: Uses Why this?
Oxygen Absorbersoxygen absorbers Whole Bean Coffee
Ground Coffee
Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
Have confidence that your coffee or tea will reach its destination with no oxygen contamination
Desiccant Packetsdesiccant packets Loose Tea
Bagged Tea
Whole Bean Coffee
When you want to make sure no moisture will ruin your product before it is brewed

Are you a grower, wholesaler, or retailer of green coffee beans? This product is for you.

Custom Printing Available

Many of our pouches are ready for you to quickly apply a pre-printed label, but if you would like to explore custom printing for your coffee and tea packages, IMPAK can help.

Contact us to see how we can work with you to deliver the quality and taste you are known for.