Tabletop Tube Sealers

Tube Sealers

These heat impulse tube sealers are compact and ideal for sealing small batches of tubes for applications such as cosmetic, personal care, household and industrial liquids. The tubes may be arranged in a rack which is inserted below the seal bars. The rack, or work tray, is adjusted to the appropriate height so that the top of the tubes may be clamped between the seal bars and welded closed via the heating elements. Even the “single tube sealer,” model THS177SS, can support more than one tube at a time if the tubes are small enough. See the product pages for material compatibility and more details. Made in the USA

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Low Production / Samples
Single Tube Sealers
single tube sealer

Mini Tube Sealers with 7" Wide Impulse Seal Bars: Available powder-coated or stainless steel, with analog or digital controls.

Multi-Tube Sealers
multi-tube sealer

Multi-Tube Sealers with 20" or 30" Wide Impulse Seal Bars: Available with standard analog control, or touchscreen with custom order (iS2 Platform).

  THS177 MSTSS760
Analog Temperature Controller check check
Digital Temperature Controller check check
iS2 Compatible - check
Powder Coated Finish check check
Stainless Steel Finish check -
3rd Party Calibration check (Digital Controller Only) check
Clean Room Compatible check check
Emergency Stop Button - check (Optional)
Analog Pressure Regulator - check

Benefits of a Tube Sealer™

labelCompact & Portable

These tabletop tube sealers compact, lightweight and easily moved and transported.

labelEasy to Use

These models require little to no set up. They require a power source and a small footprint.

labelIdeal for Samples

Tabletop tube sealers are perfect for sealing small batches and in research and lab settings.

labelEconomic Option

Very low investment compared to large equipment (large ultrasonic and hot air sealers).

labelStainless Steel Options

Stainless steel models are available for clean-room and food-handling settings.

labelFlexible Options

Choose from powder-coated or stainless steel options, analog or digital, single or multi tube.

Helpful Videos

THS177 Mini Tube Sealer - watch here
MSTSS760 Multi Tube Sealer - watch here

Validatable Multi Tube Sealer with iS2 Platform - watch here

Need Precise Control of Time, Temperature and Pressure?

Introducing the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2)

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