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custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
custom printed pouches
18 examples of custom printed flexible packaging pouches

Custom Printed Packaging

IMPAK is capable of printing even the most complex of designs using either a rotogravure or digital process. Our rotogravure printing process can achieve vibrant colors and detailed imagery, while our digital printing process allows for a faster turnaround time without compromising quality. Each printing job goes through rigorous QA testing to ensure that every custom print run meets your company’s standards.

Speak to a custom print specialist today to get started on your company's unique custom packaging.

Custom Print Request Graphic Submission Guidelines

Our Work / Printing with IMPAK

IMPAK has produced packaging for large pharmaceutical companies as well as small startups. We do it all! From custom shaped bags to new innovative print styles and unique films, we can make your packaging as unique as your product. We work with companies to create packaging that is unique to their industry using our various bag styles and print capabilities.

If you would like to receive samples of previously printed pouches, contact us today.

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Our Process / How it Works

1. Request a Quote
Call or email our custom print specialist to get pricing on a custom packaging.

2. Submit Artwork
IMPAK requires your artwork to be submitted as an Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file.

3. Submit Deposit
50% of your bag deposit and 100% of printing plates are due.

4. Receive Master Proofs
You will receive a digital PDF for your signed approval.

5. Lead Time Begins
Your lead time will begin once your deposit and signed approvals have been approved.

Minimum Order Quantities

Minimum order quantities (MOQ's) for custom printed pouches is dependent on bag size, style, and material. For standard sizes, MOQ's start at 6,500 per sku. Contact one of our packaging specialist regarding the quantities for your needed bag size.

Lead Times

Our standard lead times start at 8-10 weeks. This time can fluctuate depending on holidays or the number of orders in the production queue. Expedited lead times can be requested for an additional cost.

Due to Covid-19, we are experiencing higher lead times than normal. Please plan accordingly.

Printing Plates

Our rotogravure printing process requires the artwork to be engraved onto metal cylinders, each color in the artwork requiring one cylinder. Final printing plate count is determined by our production team when they review your production-ready artwork.

Looking for small volume custom print?

Don't miss your chance to participate in our low quantity custom print run! In the past, we have required customers seeking custom print jobs to have a minimum quantity of 6,500 prints per SKU. However, for a limited time, we are now offering prints with lower minimum quantities ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 and beyond. Sign-ups are open exclusively between February 1st, 2024 and July 1st, 2024. Since materials will be allocated, payment will be expected upfront to secure your spot in the production run. Seize this exclusive opportunity before it's gone, sign up before the deadline and be part of this special custom print run!

Customizing Your Packaging

Bag Styles

  • • Flat Pouch
  • • FinSeal Pouch
  • • Stand Up Pouch
  • • SpoutPAK™
  • • Side Gusset Pouches
  • • Custom Shapes
  • • Rollstock
  • • Also Available: Boxes


  • • Matte (Soft-Touch)
  • • Matte / Gloss
  • • Holographic Film
  • • Metallic Ink
  • • Kraft Material
  • • Pantone (PMS) Colors
  • • Black Light/Counterfeit Ink
  • • Inside Printing

Optional Features

  • • Hang Hole (Round, Sombrero, Triangle)
  • • Grommets
  • • Specialty Zippers (Child Resistant, Powder, Hook2Hook)
  • • Perforated Tear Notch

Interested in a feature that you don't see listed? Speak to our specialists about customizing your package.

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IMPAK Corporation now has the capability to professionally apply your custom or preprinted adhesive label to any of the pouches we have in stock. This will allow you to receive a completed pouch which you simply fill and seal.

Small Runs

For organizations that require extremely small quantities in the range of 2,500 to 5,000 units, the number of cost effective options is limited. In general one must be satisfied with what is possible as opposed to what is desirable

Before You Print

As a professional in the field, you are aware of the key considerations which MUST be fully reviewed and provided to the manufacturer before any reasonable cost or lead time commitment can be made.

info Muir Energy Case Study

IMPAK helped Muir Energy with dispenser tip pouches that developed with the brand’s changing needs. First, a silver “stock” pouch that allowed for product testing. Next, a custom color pouch that better represented their brand. Last, a custom printed gel pouch that was ready to fill and required no labels. See more about how we helped Muir Energy.

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Printing on Transparent Film

Printing ink onto transparent film is notoriously tricky because the base material will affect the look of the print job. First we print onto a transparent film, then laminate the film to the material of your choice (clear, silver foil, kraft). Ink is translucent, which means the color of the base material will show though to varying degrees and heavily influence the look of the ink printed on it. Ink over foil will look different from ink over kraft.

To prevent any mistakes from occurring, before placing your final order, IMPAK’s Graphics Team advises you to add a white undercoat and use Pantone colors when possible. In addition, if you are using a Pantone color that is part of your branding, we also recommend ordering a color “drawdown.” A drawdown is the process of ordering a test print of your Pantone color on film. This will add time and printing plates to your order, but will prove itself worthwhile in color matching. IMPAK is only responsible for laying down the ink you choose, we are not liable for misprints and variations in color resulting from the failure to invest in a white undercoat.

Again, film and ink are both transparent. If you are looking to produce an exact color on multi-layered film, it is practically imperative you add a white undercoat. Additionally, we recommend that you order a single-color film drawdown of your Pantone color to confirm color accuracy before moving forward with your full production.

There is a reason why presses in this industry have the capability of using 10, 11, and 12 plates. For example, in the 90s when Starkist released their first state-of-the-art pouch it took 10 printing plates to create. Time magazine is able to print beautiful photos with the 4-color process because the substrate is white paper.

If you come to a flexible packaging company expecting a 4-color CMYK print job without taking into consideration the substrate you are printing on, you are showing the company that you do not understand our printing process!

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