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IMPAK offers a large selection of high quality vacuum sealers; from small vacuum sealers for sous vide applications at home, all the way up to industrial grade vacuum sealers for the medical industry, food packaging plants, electronics, and industrial products packaging.

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ZVAK Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

ZVAK Vacuum sealer

The ZVAK vacuum sealer has a retractable high-vacuum flow rate nozzle and is widely used for medical and clean room applications, as well as in the food-retail industry. Learn More

Small Laboratory Vacuum Sealer

KeepFresh Home Vacuum Sealer

Our KeepFresh Home Vacuum Sealer is popular in the medical industry, laboratories, and various technical and quality control settings, but is equally suitable for long term food storage applications in restaurants and in the home. Learn More

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Super Mighty Mutt Vacuum Sealer

Super Mighty Mutt Vacuum Sealer

The Super Mighty Mutt vacuum sealer shares the same quality features that have made the Retractable Series and Economy Mighty Mutt Vacuum Sealers the best value in the industry. Whether you product is Electronics, Cleanroom, Medical, or Food Packaging, the Super Mutt is ready to handle it. Learn More

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PNG460ED - The New Powder Coated Self-Contained Vacuum Sealer
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Mighty Mutt Vacuum Sealer

Mighty Mutt Vacuum Sealer

The Mighty Mutt vacuum sealer is a heavy duty solution to even the most problematic vacuum packaging needs. Lightweight, with a retractable nozzle, this vacuum machine is ideal for use with electronics, medical applications, and Dry Pack. Learn More

Chamber Vacuum Sealer For Sous Vide Applications

Chamber Vacuum sealers

Our Chamber vacuum sealers use state-of-the-art technology for oxygen-free food packaging, whether cooked or raw. A must have for any serious sous vide project; these chamber vacuum sealers are available in table top, single and double chamber models. Learn More

Econo Vac Vacuum Sealer

Econo Vac Vacuum Sealer

The Econo Vac 1600 vacuum sealer increases production capabilities while costing much less than comparable vacuum sealers. This lightweight vacuum machine is perfect for high production applications in the food retail industry, as well as for start-up business owners looking for an economical high production business solution. Learn More

Alpha Series programmable vacuum sealer

Alpha Series Programmable Vacuum Sealers

The Alpha Series programmable vacuum sealer uses a state-of-the-art programmable logic control system coupled with a simple operator interface for ease of use. These machines have a variety options to meet your specific needs. Learn More

Retractable Nozzle Vacuum sealers

Retractable Nozzle Vacuum sealers

Retractable vacuum sealers are easy to use and utilize a high grade stainless steel body and heavy duty anodized aluminum frame making them perfect for food, medical and clean room applications. Learn More

Nitrovac vacuum sealer

NitroVac Vacuum Sealer

The Nitrovac vacuum sealer is the ultimate machine for vacuum packaging fresh roasted whole bean and ground coffee. This vacuum sealer was designed with the custom roaster in mind and comes standard with single stage gas flush, four-nozzle system with independent nozzle control, automatic end-of-cycle cleaning purge and much more. Learn More

Constant heat vacuum sealer

Constant Heat Vacuum Sealers

Constant heat vacuum sealers incorporate all the features you need to make this vacuum sealer an integral part of your validation process for sealing medical pouches. This vacuum sealer is also widely used by custom roasters for the packaging of whole bean and ground coffee. Learn More

Custom Pak vacuum sealer

CustomPak Vacuum Sealer

Our Custom Pak vacuum machine is a versatile semi-automatic vacuum/gas flush packaging machine, boasting standard features such as Stainless Steel Construction, High-Flow Vacuum System, and Single Stage Gas Flush, making this the perfect machine for all of your vacuum packaging applications. Learn More

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