Tabletop Vacuum Sealers

Tabletop vacuum sealers are made for light to heavy production vacuum packaging and come with available options ranging from all-electric or pneumatic units, powder-coated or stainless-steel, clean room compatible, gas-flush capable and more. IMPAK offers a wide selection; from small vacuum sealers for sous vide applications at home, all the way up to industrial grade vacuum sealers for the medical industry, food packaging plants, electronics, and industrial products packaging.

Compared with a heavy equipment purchase such as freestanding sealers, the tabletop units can be an economic and highly flexible option that can be moved within a production line or even to another facility. We often see customers purchase several tabletop units in lieu of larger equipment, thus reducing downtime as well as investment costs.

IMPAK offers completely custom units, or a wide selection of “stock” items below.

Size: 12.5"
Japanese-Made Unit for Light Production
hippo vacuum sealer

An economic sealer for low volume vacuum packaging – Under $1,000! Ideal for food and retail applications.

Sizes: 14", 18", 23"
EVS Models
All-Electric Vacuum Sealers
all-electric vacuum sealer

A mid volume, all electric vacuum sealer with multi-stage gas flush capability.

Sizes: 18", 23", 31", 36"
PVS Models
Pneumatic Vacuum Sealers (zVak 2.0)
PVS vacuum sealers - zvak2.0

A robust pneumatic vacuum sealer with enhanced airflow, multi-stage gas option & E-stop.

Multiple Models; Sizes 18" to 61"
Gramatech Models
US-Made Commercial Vacuum Sealers
gramatech vacuum sealer

A US-Made vacuum sealing equipment line that ranges from low volume to commercial units.

  HIPPO EVS Models PVS Models Gramatech Models
Operation All-electric All-electric Pneumatic Electric & Pneumatic Units
E-Stop - - check check Select Models
220V Available - check check check
Stainless Steel - check check check Select Models
iS2 Upgrade Available - - - check Select Models
Bi-Active Seal - check Upgrade Available check Upgrade Available check Upgrade Available
Gas-Flush - check check check Select Models
Seal Length 12.5" 14", 18", 23" 18", 23", 31", 36" Many sizes, 16" - 61"
USA Made - - - check

Benefits of a Tabletop Vacuum Sealer

labelSmall Footprint

Tabletop vacuum sealers require less space than large, freestanding units.

labelPortable / Flexible

Can be moved within a production line or to a different facility without heavy crating or forklift.

labelRange of Options

Choose from many different models at varying price-points and capabilities. Speak with a specialist for help.

labelEconomic, Low Investment Cost

No need to buy more machine than necessary. Save by creating an effective line, not excess machine.

labelCustomizable Units

Many models come with a range of options to choose from, and IMPAK can build completely custom machines.

labelTechnical Support Team

IMPAK’s technicians can help from the product selection stage, well into the lifecycle of your machine.

Other Tabletop Units

Chamber Sealers
chamber sealers
Portable Sealers
Portable Handheld Sealers
Medical Sealers
medical pouch sealer
Rapid Sealers
band sealer

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Helpful Videos

HIPPO - watch here
EVS - watch here

PVS - watch here
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info Why are Fuji Impulse Sealers being replaced with IMPAK’s EVS units?


A Matter of Convenience & Control
Fuji Impulse Sealers by Fuji-Sotex of Japan are known for their quality and reliability. So why are companies with working Fuji units replacing them with our EVS units? It comes down to convenience and control.

IMPAK’s EVS units not only allow operators to digitally program 5 different seal recipes, they also allow a keypad lockout that prevents unwanted changes to the recipes. This gives companies peace of mind that their packages are consistent, time after time.

In addition to this added level of control, the EVS units are favored for their convenient operation. Instead Fuji’s manual nozzle, the EVS units have an automatic nozzle that retracts at the end of the vacuum cycle. This means the EVS can be operated using only the foot switch.

To top it off, the EVS units have a stainless steel frame, which is not only easier to clean, it is also a requirement for many industries. See them here.

Interested in learning more? Speak with our specialists.

Previously Stocked Sealers

We no longer sell, but still service the following items. If you are looking to purchase a new unit of any of the following items, contact our team as we may still be able to provide.

zVak Series
supercede icon The zVak Series has been superseded by the PVS.
self contained vacuum sealer
supercede icon The PNG/ANG/SNG Series has been superseded by the Mighty Mutt Series.
Alpha Series
supercede icon The Alpha Series has been superseded by the WorkHorse.
Coffee Pak Series
supercede icon The Coffee Pak has been superseded by the WorkHorse.
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iS2 - The Intelligent Sealing System

Need precise control of time, temperature and pressure? Upgrade to the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2). Digital control over time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.

Right Sealer for Your Setting

A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs.

Choosing a Vacuum Sealer

Not every Industrial Vacuum Sealer applies to every application. There are different models and types of Vacuum Sealers available, and each one of those sealers has different features that can affect the way a production line works.