IntelliDot Oxygen Detector

IntelliDot is an innovative product that detects oxygen content in packaging, providing information to ensure optimum freshness in a wide spectrum of food and medical applications.

IntelliDot detects oxygen over 0.3% by turning blue. When paper is put in an environment with oxygen of less than 0.1% content IntelliDot’s color becomes pink. One of IntelliDot’s outstanding features is a paper type indicator which is the first of its kind in the entire industry and fits in the food package better than a tablet type indicator

***Please keep the IntelliDot indicators refrigerated when not in use. Use OAP's (Oxygen Absorbing Packets) to create an oxygen-free atmosphere.***

Part Number Description Order
OIP20PK 20 packets/case
1 case: $26.32
2+ cases: $15.80/case

OIP200PK 200 packets/case
1 case: $111.16

OIP3KCS 3,000 packets/case
1 case: $337.71


Features Regular type suitable for food with Aw 0.6 to 0.9.
Turns blue in more than 0.3% O2 5 to 10 minutes
Turns pink in less than 0.1% O2 2 to 5 hrs.
Suggested Applications Dried Foods, Medical Device, Diagnostics, and Pharmaceuticals.