Freestanding Sealers

IMPAK offers several sealers for bag sizes or applications which require a freestanding unit, as opposed to a tabletop sealer. These industrial-grade impulse heat sealers include horizontal and vertical sealers such as the Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer, or “heavy duty” units, the Gramatech CustomPak, the MasterWeld and the Pik N Pak. Compare models in the chart below or contact IMPAK to get advice based on your application.

Vacuum & Seal
Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer
Custom Sizes: 36" - 120"+
large frame industrial sealer

The most customizable large-frame sealer. Horizontal or vertical and completely built to order, with touchscreen.

Vacuum & Seal
Custom Pak
Set Sizes: 21" – 61"
Gramatech Custom Pak

A versatile, ready-to-use unit for when a custom-Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer is not required. Horizontal bars tilt for vertical use.

One Size: 48"
masterweld sealer

A robust seal-only machine with 48" seal bars and large work surface. Excellent for inline splicing of rollstock.

Pack & Seal
Pik N Pak
One Size: 11"
pik n pak

A complete packaging system capable of opening and sealing most types of pre-made pouches from 3.5" to 11".

  Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer CustomPak MasterWeld Pik N Pak
Multiple Seal Widths Available check check - check
Powder Coated check - check -
Stainless Steel - check - check
Vacuum & Gas Flush check check - -
iS2 Compatible check check - -
220V Available check check check check
Vertical Configuration check check - -
3rd Party Calibration check check - -
Opens, Fills and Seals - - - check
USA Made check check - -

Benefits of a Freestanding Sealer


No need for tables, these units are freestanding on wheels*.

labelIdeal for Large Bags

Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer units have been made with seal bars well over 100" wide.

labelBetter Vertical Options

Offer much more flexibility for vertical feed and can accommodate taller bags.

labelValidatable Options*

Custom-built units can be made validatable with ports for easy calibration.

labelTouchscreen Options*

Custom-built units are offered with the touchscreen iS2 System. Learn more


Select units may be custom-made to handle a variety of unique packaging challenges .

*Select Models

Helpful Videos

Custom Pak Vacuum Sealer - watch here
Custom Pak Hi-Production Vacuum Packaging System - watch here

Horizontal Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer - watch here
Vertical Heavy Duty Impulse Sealer (Explosion Proof Version) - watch here

Looking for a Smaller Unit?

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Interested in Learning More?

iS2 - The Intelligent Sealing System

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Right Sealer for Your Setting

A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs.

Choosing a Vacuum Sealer

Not every Industrial Vacuum Sealer applies to every application. There are different models and types of Vacuum Sealers available, and each one of those sealers has different features that can affect the way a production line works.