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Clear Vacuum Bags

Vacuum sealer bags come in two styles: smooth, for use with most industrial sealers, and textured for use with home vacuum sealers such as FoodSaver® and CounterMate™. IMPAK offers both styles, including vacuum bags with zippers. Vacuum packaging bags from many brands are often as thin as 3.0mils, but for a better barrier, IMPAK provides many options over 5.0mils thick.
Our bags are FDA compliant and BPA free.

Custom Pouches: Many pouches are produced to customer specifications with a choice of sizes, colors, printed and unprinted. For more information provide the size, application, and quantity required to:

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For Chamber & Sealers
Smooth Vacuum Bags

Ideal for industrial vacuum sealers which employ a nozzle, or chamber. The professional option for product packaging.

For Chamber & Nozzle Sealers
Smooth Vacuum Bags with Zipper

Ideal for industrial vacuum sealers which employ a nozzle, or chamber. Added zipper for retail applications.

For Home Vacuum Sealers (Internal Chamber)
Textured Vacuum Bags

Called textured, channel, or embossed bags. For use with home vacuum sealers (FoodSaver, Seal a Meal, VacMaster, Weston, etc.)

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Additional Products

Mylar Bags

Ideal for: Those looking for mylar barrier packaging with a spout

Zipper Pouches

Ideal for: Those looking for the enhanced barrier properties of a Mylar/foil laminate

Stand Up Pouches

Ideal for: Those looking for gusseted bags that stand up on shelves

Drum Liners

Ideal for: Those looking for a round bottom gusset to use as pail liners.

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Custom Packaging

IMPAK produces custom printed pouches and packaging with an emphasis on materials with distinctive barrier properties to protect products from the adverse effects of moisture, oxygen, light and more. Learn about our unique custom capabilities.

How to Choose a High Barrier Bag

High barrier bags are used to preserve and protect products. When paired with an oxygen absorber or desiccant, products enjoy even greater shelf-life and stability. However, selecting the appropriate package is not always as straight forward as it seems.

Right Sealer for Your Setting

Not every Industrial Vacuum Sealer applies to every application. There are different models and types of Vacuum Sealers available, and each one of those sealers has different features that can affect the way a production line works.