Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Commercial & Industrial Machines That Meet UL & NSF Requirements

Chamber type vacuum sealers are among the most versatile vacuum sealers available and with the addition of a gas flush system these units can produce results that cannot be matched by other types of vacuum sealer machines. Chamber units also offer the very best vacuum for products that require low oxygen content in the package. Gramatech offers a complete line of vacuum chamber sealers from commercial quality tabletop and single chamber units to full industrial single chamber sealers and high production double/dual chamber machines. The entire line of Gramatech vacuum chamber sealers are certified & labeled to meet UL, CSA and NSF requirements.

Chamber vacuum sealers are also among the easiest machines to operate, just close the lid to start the cycle no footswitch required and since the seal is produced before the lid opens you get a uniform seal with no wrinkles every time. From tabletop models to custom machines Impak’s Gramatech Chamber Line has a unit to meet your specific requirements. Compare models in the chart below or contact a chamber vacuum sealer specialist at IMPAK to get advice based on your application.

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Seal Lengths 11.8" to 32.8"
Tabletop Chamber Units
Compact / Commercial Quality
tabletop sealer

The smallest size and lowest price of the chamber type vacuum sealers yet still commercial quality machines with Busch vacuum pumps.

Seal Lengths 16.9" to 26"
Single Chamber Units
Commercial & Full Industrial Units
single chamber vacuum sealer

SC models are free standing units designed for full industrial applications and all feature Busch vacuum pumps.

Seal Lengths 21.2" to 39.3"
Double Chamber Units
The Workhorse of Vacuum Sealers
double chamber vacuum sealer

These swing lid machines are built with high production output in mind and use all Busch vacuum pumps.

Custom Seal Lengths
Custom Chamber Units
Custom Designed For Your Application
medically validatable chamber sealer

Whether you need a fully validatable control system or an ultrafast vacuum system IMPAK’s in house engineering team can meet your needs.

Need precise control of time, temperature and pressure?

Upgrade to the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2). Digital control over time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.

  Tabletop Chamber Units Single Chamber Units Double Chamber Units Custom Chamber Units
Seal Lengths 11.8" to 33.8" 16.9" to 26" 21.2" to 39.3" Per Quote
220V/1PH Optional Optional (to 5HP) Optional (to 5HP) Per Quote
Stainless Steel check check check Per Quote
Seal System Impulse Impulse Impulse Per Quote
Bi-active Seal Optional Optional Optional Per Quote
PNC-01 Controller Optional Optional check Per Quote
Gas Flush Optional Optional Optional Per Quote
UL, CSA & NSF Certified check check check Per Quote
Emergency Stop check check check Per Quote

Benefits of a Chamber Sealer

labelGreater vacuum percentage (lower oxygen) as compared to a nozzle type sealer

labelA larger seal bar (or more than one) will allow the operator to vacuum and seal multiple pouches at the same time resulting in greater productivity

labelLittle to no operator involvement after the lid has been closed and the cycle has started

labelOptions for percentage vacuum will allow for partial vacuum if making an object immobile is your goal

labelBuilt-in vacuum pump so you don't need additional equipment

Evolution of Innovation

How a Large Scale Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Major Medical Equipment Provider Changed our Technological Trajectory

Chamber Sealer and Flexible Packaging Solutions

Gramatech Chamber Sealer and Flexible Packaging Solutions Help Chubby Snacks Achieve Success at Every Stage of Explosive Growth!

More About Chamber Sealers

Vacuum chamber sealers are the best choice for a wide variety of products that require a high pressure vacuum to be achieved without the product being crushed, warped or damaged in any way due to the pressure exerted on it by the pouch when a tight vacuum is achieved. Since the entire product and vacuum pouch are processed inside the machines vacuum cavity both the inside and the outside of the package experience the pressure change during the vacuum cycle at the same time. When this is combined with the effect of gas flushing the package before it is sealed a package with ultra-low residual oxygen can be achieved without ever putiing the product under damaging pressure. This unique process that can only be achieved with a chamber vacuum sealer is of tremendous benefit to products like cannabis and baked goods as well as many other high value delicate products.

Our Guarantee

IMPAK has long been recognized as a leading provider of high quality sealers. We value our reputation and we stand behind our products. Every sealer we sell is thoroughly tested prior to shipment; and with the purchase of any chamber sealer, you get a 1 year warranty that includes parts and labor (minus consumables), as well as friendly tech-support and on-site machine technicians.

info Interesting Uses for Chamber Sealers:

Vacuum Packaging Military Supplies

Many branches of the military vacuum package a variety of products from survival parkas and sleeping bags to mission ready kits for the Navy Seals as well as ammunition and aircraft electronics. In some cases the vacuum packaging is done for space reduction purposes were in other cases it is for dry-packing the product for long term storage and in some, like ammunition it is done to greatly reduce the oxygen in the package as exposure to oxygen has a detrimental effect on the performance of ammunition that has been in long term storage.

Vacuum Packaging Whole Goat Carcasses for Further Processing

This project was a good example of both the versatility and superior performance that can be achieved with vacuum chamber machines. This product needed to be packed using a vacuum packaging equipment that would provide for extremely low residual oxygen content in the finished package as well as having a seal system that could handle an extremely large bag and the machine also needed to be simple enough to be operated by mostly untrained operators in rural environments. While large nozzle type machines could handle the large bags they could not produce end results that meet the low residual oxygen requirement and were more difficult to achieve the best seal results with. Since the throughput require was low to medium a custom sized single chamber vacuum sealer was the best choice.

Helpful Videos

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Single Chamber Video - watch here
Double Chamber Video - watch here

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