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Sample Packets / Small Foil Bags
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StikPak™ Foil Packets

Heat Seal Sample Packets / Foil Bags for Small Items

From single-serving food items such as honey and flavorings, to cosmetic samples and small medical items, StikPaks™ offer a convenient and simple format to package small items and portions. These small heat sealable pouches offer all the same great barrier protection of our other multi-layer foil packets, in a small size.

The Stick Pouch gets its name from its narrow shape and is ideal for single-serving beverage mixes, such as coffees, teas and fruit drinks; condiments like mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise. Herbal supplements can also be found in these uniquely elegant stick packs. These pouches are also often used to package non-consumables like lotions, antibiotic ointments and skin treatments

Applications & Markets:

check Gels, Pastes and Honey
check Sauce and Liquids
check Drink Flavoring
check Tea / Instant Coffee
check Drink Flavorings
check Sugar and Spices
check Small Convenience Items
check Single-Dose Medications
check Medical Items

Stock & Custom Printed
StikPaks are becoming increasingly popular in our grab-and-go culture. They may be purchased in stock sizes and materials, or produced to your specifications with a custom order. Printed packaging available starting at 5,000 pouches.

More Sizes Available
View more of our small pouches on our Mini Pouches page. Products start as small as 2.0” x 2.0” and are available in unique materials such as silver foil, multi-colored foil, clear face “window” bags, kraft, white write-on material and more.
IMPAK is also the world's leading innovator in liquid product pouches by built-in design and dispensing seals and features.

StikPak™ Packets

(w x h)
Part Number Description Color Thickness Material Order
1.0" x 2.5" 01MFS025BTN Stikpak™ Pouch
Tear Notch
Silver 4.3 mils PAKVF4 100-400 bags: 0.139/ea
500-900 bags: 0.099/ea
1000-4000 bags: 0.079/ea
5000+ bags: 0.049/ea


1.4" x 4.0" 014MFS04BTNFO Stikpak™ Pouch
Bottom Tear Notch
Silver 4.3 mils PAKVF4 100-400 bags: 0.259/ea
500-900 bags: 0.189/ea
1000-4000 bags: 0.158/ea
5000+ bags: 0.091/ea


1.4" x 6.0" 014MFW06BTNFO Stikpak™ Pouch
Bottom Tear Notch
White 4.5 mils PAKVF4W 100-400 bags: 0.279/ea
500-900 bags: 0.209/ea
1000-4000 bags: 0.178/ea
5000+ bags: 0.101/ea


1.75" x 6.0" 0175MFW06BTNFO Stikpak™ Pouch
One Tear Notch and Fold Over Side
White 4.5 mils PAKVF4W 100-400 bags: 0.289/ea
500-900 bags: 0.199/ea
1000-4000 bags: 0.168/ea
5000+ bags: 0.101/ea


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