Sealing Equipment Services: Custom Made, Retrofit and Repair Services

Custom Made Machinery

We’re experts in custom sealing machinery and we’re known for our ability to solve complex sealing challenges. Our sealing equipment can be built to specs that meet military and medical requirements for validation, clean room certification, explosion-proof safety standards, NIST certification, and more.

We design and manufacture custom sealing equipment to meet the unique needs of our customers. In addition to new machinery we even retrofit our customers’ existing equipment, regardless of the brand.

Repair & Retrofit Services

We Repair & Retrofit Sealers of Any Brand. Aline, AccuSeal, Vertrod and More.

Not only can we troubleshoot and repair heat sealers, we can also retrofit your existing equipment with the latest technology using controllers from SIEMENS, Panasonic and more.

Where other machine manufacturers push the sale of their own brand, at IMPAK we recognize that in certain cases retrofitting a tried-and-true machine to bring it to modern standards may be the best avenue for companies, and our technicians have the expertise to handle such challenges.

Unprecedented Control & Repeatability

Sealers with retrofitted digital controllers provide greater control, more advanced capabilities and can speed production via precision seals and repeatable, reliable results. If your machine can’t deliver accurate readings of time, temperature and pressure, every time, an upgrade could help your bottom line. We even have touch screen HMIs that graph temp/time to the millisecond that prove the accuracy of seals, time after time.

Enhancement Advantages

Whether your machine was made by Aline, Accuseal, Vertrod or another brand, we can modify it to meet your packaging needs. From minor enhancements to retrofitting machines with new controllers, IMPAK is your source for custom sealing equipment. Consult with our team to find the most appropriate solution for your specific challenge.

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