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Flexible Material Specifications Thickness Technical / Journal Articles Military Material
Technical Diagrams
PAKVF1.5M 1.5 mils Desiccant Terminology MIL-PRF-131 TY.1, CL.1 06MFS06 ( 6" x 6" minipouch )
PAKVF2.5M 2.5 mils Desiccant Selection MIL-PRF 81705 T1
PAKVF2.5MG 2.5 mils Desiccant Applications
PAKVF2.5MB (LIGHTBLOCK) 2.5 mils Desiccant Regeneration
PAKPM4 3.0 mils Food Preservation Methods
PAKVAC3.0 3.0 mils Ethylene Absorbers.
PAKPM4AO 3.0 mils Chart Compositions
PAKSTAT100 3.0 mils PTFE Fluoropolymer
PAKSTAT300 3.0 mils Prototyping Color Reference For Print Jobs
PAKVF3.5M 3.5 mils Pantone Color Chart
PAKPM4DL 4.0 mils
PAKPM4S4.0 4.0 mils
PAKVAC4.0 4.0 mils
PAKVF4MCP 4.0 mils
PAKVF4PCA 4.0 mils
PAKVF4 4.3 mils
PAKVF4N 4.3 mils
PAKVFM4892 4.4 mils
ConservAclar 4.5 mils
PAKVF4D 4.5 mils
PAKVF4W 4.5 mils
PAKPM5 5.0 mils
PAKVAC5.0 5.0 mils
PAKVF4C 5.0 mils
PAKVF4K 5.0 mils
PAKPM4K 5.0 mils
PAKVF4CWSL 5.0 mils
PAKVF56T 5.6 mils
PAKPM56 5.6 mils
PAKVF4NDC 5.7 mils
PAKVF4NNX 5.7 mils
PAKVF4PC 6.0 mils
PAKDRY1500 7.0 mils
PAKSAFE 7.0 mils
PAKPNBW 7.25 mils
PAKDRY7500 7.5 mils
PAKVF4T9000 9.0 mils
PAKWRAP316M 3/16" mils
DPA50SG1212F 50 mils
TSE/BSE Statement

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