Medical Pouch Sealers

Medical Pouch Sealers are tabletop impulse sealers made for heat sealing medical pouches. Units may be mounted vertically or horizontally, and 3rd-party calibration and validation services are available. These industrial bag sealers are made for sealing all thermoplastics and films, ruggedly built for years of trouble-free service.

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Digital (TIC)
MPDSS Series
Temperature Impulse Control
stainless steel validatable pouch sealer

Digital pressure gauge, pressure regulator and Temperature Impulse Controller (TIC). Validatable, ports included. Clean room compatible. Horizontal or vertical mount. Heavy duty construction, stainless steel frame. Great for the budget conscious who require validation.

Intelligent Sealing System
iS2 Series
Validatable Pin-Point Accuracy
multi-tube sealer

Digital SIEMENS controller. Touch button controller with digital display. Pressure, time and temp adjustable to the millisecond. Repeatable seals with +/-1 degree accuracy. Saves 500 recipes. Validatable. Clean room compatible. Horizontal or vertical mount.

  MPDSS Series iS2Series
Controller Digital - TIC Digital - Siemens
Validatable Yes, ports included Yes, ports included
Exterior Finish Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Accuracy ± 10 degrees ± 1 degree
Clean Room Compatible check check
Adjustable Time check check
Manually Adjustable Pressure check check
Programmable Pressure - check
Saves Recipes - check Up to 5
Thermocouple Type K-Type K-Type
Third Party Calibration Available Available
Power 120V/60Hz (220V available) 120V/60Hz (220V available)
Seal Length 15", 20", 25" 20", 25"
Seal Width 0.25" 0.25"

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