Medical Pouch Sealers

iS2 Series - Stainless Steel / Digital (SIEMENS)

Digital SIEMENS controller. Touch button controller with digital display. Pressure, time and temp adjustable to the millisecond. Repeatable seals with +/-1 degree accuracy. Saves 500 recipes. Validatable. Clean room compatible. Horizontal or vertical mount.

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MPDSS Series - Stainless Steel/Digital (TIC)

Digital pressure gauge, pressure regulator and Temperature Impulse Controller (TIC). Validatable, ports included. Clean room compatible. Horizontal or vertical mount. Heavy duty construction, stainless steel frame. Great for the budget conscious who require validation.

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MPPC Series - Powder Coated/Analog

Analog timers for heat and cool. Analog pressure regulator and display. Clean room compatible. Horizontal or vertical mount. Ruggedly built and great for budget and space conscious sealing applications. Standard base configuration (no validation ports).

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MPPC - Powder Coated Tabletop Impulse Sealer

The MPPC Series tabletop impulse sealers are perfect for budget and space conscious bag sealing applications and are ruggedly built to provide years of trouble free service. Standard controls include a glycerin filled gauge, pressure regulator, separate heat and cool timers and a tap to start foot pedal. The machines are powder coated and easy to clean. Analog controls provide simple operation where validation is not a requirement. A bottom flange allows for this bag sealing unit to be mounted horizontally or vertically. Available in 15”, 20” and 25” seal lengths.

MPDSS - Validatable Medical Pouch Sealer

The MPDSS are tabletop impulse sealers with digital pressure gauge, pressure regulator and Temperature Impulse Controller (TIC). Each unit comes standard with validation ports for seal pressure, time and temperature. The stainless steel exterior makes them clean room compatible and adjustable heat and timing settings allow for sealing a wide range of materials including most thermoplastics and laminated foils. These are highly capable machines that are built to last for years of trouble free operation. These are machines are an ideal option where budget is a concern but validation is a requirement. Available in 15”, 20” and 25” seal lengths.

iS2 - Intelligent Sealing System

iS2 stands for the Intelligent Sealing System because these advanced impulse sealers offer validatable pin-point accuracy. Each sealer offers repeatable seals with a variable of only +/-1 degrees. Adjust time, temperature and pressure settings down to the millisecond using the convenient touch button panel. Easily track and record seal settings. Save over 500 sealing profiles for different materials. No need for expert technicians, operators can simply select their desired recipe to load the pre-programmed seal settings. Available in 15”, 20” and 25” seal lengths.

Technical Specifications

  MPPC Series MPDSS Series iS2 Series
Controller Analog Dial Digital - TIC Digital - SIEMENS
Validatable No Yes, ports included Yes, ports included
Exterior Finish Powder Coated Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Accuracy ND - Turn Dial Operated ± 10 degrees ± 1 degree
Clean Room Compatible Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Time Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable Temperature No Yes Yes
Manually Adjustable Pressure No Yes Yes
Programmable Pressure No No Yes
Saves Recipes No No Yes, up to 5
Thermocouple Type N/A K-Type K-Type
Optional Dual Element No No Yes
NIST Certification N/A Available Available
Power 120V/60Hz (220V available) 120V/60Hz (220V available) 120V/60Hz (220V available)
Seal Length 15, 20, 25" 15, 20, 25" 15, 20, 25"
Seal Width 0.25" 0.25" 0.25"

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