Portable Handheld Sealers

Portable Handheld Sealers

Portable hand sealers are a light weight and versatile option that allows the operator to bring the sealer directly to the item to be sealed. Seal bags large or small, and create custom shapes with these hand held sealers. Their portability is only limited by the length of your extension cord. IMPAK offers constant and impulse heat options as well as suited for with polyethylene or foil laminates. See chart below, or contact our specialists for guidance.

6" Units
Hot Jaw Sealers
Constant Heat
hotjaw heat sealer

Our most compact unit. PTFE-covered & non-PTFE covered models, with 6" seal bars.

11.8" - 26" Units
T-Clamp Sealers
Constant or Impulse Heat
t-clamp portable sealer

Constant or impulse heat sealers, from 11.8" to 26". US-Made models available.

6" or 10" Units
Scissor Sealers
Impulse Heat
Portable scissor sealer

Hand held scissor clamp sealers available in 6” or 10”, all US-made.

  Hotjaw Sealers T-Clamp: HHC T-Clamp: HHD T-Clamp: HHI Scissor Sealers
Seal Lengths 6" 12" & 16" 12" 8", 12", 15", 18", 26" 6" & 10"
Adjustable Time check check check check check
Bi-Active Sealing (Dual Element) check check check check (Optional) check (Optional)
Quick Disconnect Option Available - - - check check
Impulse or Constant Heat? Constant Constant Impulse Impulse Impulse
220V Available check - - check check
USA Made - - - check check

Benefits of a Portable Handheld Sealer

labelCompact & Lightweight

Easily to pick up and move, require only a power outlet and possibly an extension cord.

labelBring to Work Area

No need to bring the product to the sealer. Seal pallets, truck liners and more, on location.

labelSeal Custom Shapes

No need to worry about bags sizes, or odd shaped items. Create custom seal shapes.

labelEasy to Use

Simply plug-in and start to use. Most models adjust with the turn of a dial.

labelFlexible Options

Choose the best option for you: seal length, material compatibility, price point, and heat style.

labelUSA Made* (Select models)

Select models are made in the USA. Look for the American flag or confirm with your sales rep.

More About Portable Sealers

Light weight and versatile, our portable hand held sealers offer an unprecedented combination of portability, sealing capability, and production flexibility. With these portable heat sealers, you no longer need to take the sealing width of your package into consideration.

Seal small bags in a single seal, or create overlapping seals to close a large bags, or odd shapes. Additional benefits of portable hand held sealers are the ability to create custom and unusual seal patterns, the ease of creating double seals for extra oxygen and moisture barrier protection, and the elimination of the need to bring your packaging to the sealer. With an extension cord, these heat sealers can easily be carried anywhere the length of the cord permits.

Our Guarantee

IMPAK has long been recognized as a leading provider of high quality sealers. We value our reputation and we stand behind our products. Every sealer we sell is thoroughly tested for defects prior to shipment; and with the purchase of any hand held portable heat sealer, you get a 1 year warranty that includes parts and labor (minus consumables), as well as friendly tech-support and on-site machine technicians.

info Interesting Uses for Portable Sealers:

In a Sub-Zero Freezer...

One of our customers brought their IMPAK’s HotJaw Sealer into sub-zero temperatures to package frozen beef and chicken broth. Despite the ultra-cold environment, the HotJaw sealer performed flawlessly.

To Ship a Giant Whale Bone…

Another IMPAK custom used the US-Made HHI-Series hand held sealer to create a custom-shaped Mylar-foil bag around a whale bone. A desiccant was added to draw moisture from the bone during transit to a museum so that it would arrive moisture-free and ready for display.

Helpful Videos

HotJaw - watch here
T-Clamp Sealer: HHC-Series - watch here

T-Clamp Sealer: HHI-Series - watch here
Scissor Sealer - watch here

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