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"The twin sided heat functions on our standard band sealers allow them to seal through the multiple layers in a side gusset bag such as those used in the coffee and tea industry."

BandSealer Embossing

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Continuous Rapid Sealers may be the most efficient, versatile semi-automatic sealing machines on the market today. Also known as "band sealers", these rapid sealers utilize a conveyor belt to maximize sealing capabilities. The extra seal embossing ability integral with these continuous rapid sealer machines make them the perfect solution for companies needing a means to include lot and serial numbers, company names and brand names on their products.

All of these machines are also available in Stainless Steel and include specific temperature controls and other features that are necessary for medical validatable units

entry level rapid sealerRMH14HC - Entry Level Rapid Sealer™
The RapidMED Sealer is the economic option for small productions in need of a continuous band sealer. The powder-coated finish and silicone covered buttons make it attractive, durable and easy to clean (ideal for lab settings). The RapidMED is used in more than medical lab settings; it is used in by customers in industries ranging from snack foods to electronics, and is seen as the ideal starter unit for customers in their early production stages looking for the next level in automation.

RSH1525 Horizontal Tabletop Rapid Sealer™ Powder coated horizontal band sealer;
standard embossing kit; solid state temperature control
RSV1525 Vertical / Horizontal Tabletop Rapid Sealer™ Table-Top Vertical Band Sealer

These type of sealers are ideal for projects which require higher production rates and minimal space and costs. Capable of sealing headers and bags simultaneously. Seal material having unlimited length. You can adjust the position of the seal, the height, depth, and angle of the conveyor and also emboss alphanumeric information on seal as an option. These sealers come equipped with speed temperature controls, adjustable embossing wheel, cooling fan and repair kit. Printing wheel and type optional.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Sealer

Choosing the Right Sealer for Your Setting

Popular Rapid Sealers

RSH1575SS Horizontal Tabletop Rapid Sealer™ The RSH1575SS™ Continuous Rapid Sealer™ is more than capable of sealing a minimum of 45 bags (Example; 3.4" x 4") per minute. It comes equipped with a Dry Ink Printer that allows the customer to print up to 20 characters at one time. Perfect for lot codes, expiration dates and company name, the best part of this feature is that the machine will print on the bag at the same time it seals the bag. Capable of heat sealing at up to 300 C°, this machine is capable of sealing most materials used in flexible packaging. The RSH1575SS™ offers all the needed features for a high production rate at an affordable price.
RS2225 Rapid Band Sealer The RS2225™ Continuous Rapid Sealer™ comes equipped with a Dry Ink Printer capable of printing up to 20 characters at one time and can be upgraded to print up to 40 characters at one time. Capable of sealing and printing up to 40 bags (Example; 3.4" x 4") per minute. Perfect for lot codes, expiration dates, company names or any type of message that the customer desires to add. It generates up to 300 C°, it can heat seal most materials used in flexible packaging. The RS2225™ is an industrial grade machine that can increase production and reduce costs at an affordable price.

RSV2675 Rapid Band Sealer

This Heavy Duty Rapid Band Sealer comes with dual heat bars and casters, has a seal temperature of up to 300° C, a seal width of 0.125" – 0.5", and runs approximately 8 meters per minute. Ideal for sealing large bags, kraft material, and thicker mylar such as our PAKDRY7500 (7.5 mils thick).

Band Sealer Spare Parts Kits

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