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IMPAK is the one-stop shop for all your jerky packaging needs. Whether you're one of the millions of Americans making jerky at home and want to keep it fresh as long as possible, or you want to want to improve the production capabilities of an internationally-recognized brand, we can help.

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How Long Does Jerky Last?

One reason for the enduring popularity of jerky products is their long shelf life. Traditional preparation involved cooking, salting, and drying fresh meat as a means to keep it edible for several days. But these methods only prevent spoilage for less than a week. With the proper methods and equipment, jerky can now be kept edible for several weeks or even months. If you plan to sell jerky, you need just the right combination of specialized packaging; without it, you could be looking at a food safety nightmare!

If you make jerky, you likely have favorite recipes and techniques to get the flavor you want. But unless you plan on eating your jerky within a week or two, you need proper packaging to extend its shelf life. To keep jerky edible for longer periods, you must package it in a virtually oxygen-free environment. This can be accomplished with oxygen absorbers or vacuum sealing in high-barrier packaging materials.

The Three Jerky Packaging MUSTS:

1. High-barrier flexible packaging that keeps out air and moisture - available with reclosable zip-seals, tear notches, and windows so your product can be seen
2. An oxygen-free environment, achieved either with oxygen absorbers or vacuum sealing, to prevent spoilage and preserve the look and flavor you worked hard to perfect
3. Sealing equipment that will ensure your barrier bags are consistently and reliably sealed tight for maximum protection and freshness
These are the three categories that IMPAK has specialized in for decades.

jerky in flexible packaging

Jerky in Mylar™ bags with O2 absorbers

We've got what you need

Maybe you're making jerky just for yourself and you can't eat it fast enough, maybe you're just starting out selling your homemade jerky and need reliable packaging, or maybe you are part of a company that ships jerky all over the world and you're looking to speed up operations. IMPAK has a wide variety of products to meet any of your needs. Whether you prefer traditional pouches or vacuum sealing, check out the categories below to see all the options we can provide to keep things fresh and tasty.

vacuum sealed jerky

Jerky in a vacuum-sealed pouch

We've made it easy for you. Get a great deal with one of our Jerky Packs:

Jerky Pack A

jerky pack A vista bags and stay fresh packets

• 1000ea 7" x 9" Gold Vista Bags with Tamper Evident ZipSeal, Tear Notch, and Hang Hole
• 1000ea 100cc StayFresh Oxygen Absorber Packets

$402.10 $249.95 (save $152.15)

Jerky Pack B

jerky pack B vista bags and stay fresh packets

• 1000ea 7" x 9.5" Silver Vista Bags with Tamper Evident ZipSeal, Tear Notch, and Hang Hole
• 1000ea 100cc StayFresh Oxygen Absorber Packets

$393.60 $249.95 (save $143.65)

Jerky Pack C

jerky pack C vista bags and stay fresh packets

• 500ea 7" x 12" Gold Vista Bags with Tamper Evident ZipSeal, Tear Notch, and Hang Hole
• 500ea 200cc StayFresh Oxygen Absorber Packets

$287.40 $174.95 (save $112.45)

Heat Sealed Pouches

We recommend the follwing products for this commonly-used style of packaging.

Vista Bags in many sizes and colors, with clear sides or windows, zip seals, and tear notches.

Mylar vista pouches

Oxygen Absorbers can be puchased in various sizes to fit the size of your packaging.

oxygen absorbers

Low-Volume Sealers for those packaging fewer than 100 units each day.

tabletop impulse sealer

High-Volume Sealers for those packaging more than 100 units each day.

rapid sealer

How Do I Choose What to Use?

With so many pouches and oxygen absorber sizes to choose from, it can be confusing to figure out what bags fit how much jerky and require what amount of oxygen absorber. The chart below offers some approximate suggestions to get you started.

example bag sizes amount of jerky oxygen absorbers
5"x8", 5"x9", 6"x8" 2 - 4oz one 50cc packet/bag
6"x10", 7"x9", 7"x10" 5 - 7oz one 100cc packet/bag
7"x12", 8"x10", 8"x12" 8 - 10oz one 200cc packet/bag
vista bags with jerky and oxygen absorbers

Vista pouches with jerky and oxygen scavengers

Vacuum Sealing

Keep oxygen out of your packages from the start with this increasingly popular method.

Low-Volume Vacuum Sealers for home/hobby jerky enthusiasts (fewer than 50 bags/day).

Hippo home vacuum sealer

Mid-Volume Vacuum Sealers for small businesses (100-500 bags/day).

Mighty Mutt vacuum sealer

High-Volume Vacuum Sealers for robust and expanding jerky sellers (800+ bags/day).

double chamber vacuum sealer

Vacuum Bags to fit all of the above machines, available in various sizes.

vacuum bags

label ready pouches with jerky

label-ready bags with custom branding

Custom Printing Available

Many of our pouches are label ready - perfect for you to quickly apply a pre-printed label, as shown in the image to the left. We also design and produce customer-specific full print packaging such as what you see in the image to the right. This includes Short Production Runs of as few as 6500 in 3-5 weeks. IMPAK has an in-house custom design and print department that brings brands to life for many satisfied customers. If you would like to explore custom printing for your jerky pouches, we'll make it happen.

full print jerky packaging

full print jerky packaging

custom print kraft jerky pouches with windows

Contact us to talk about the right products to up your jerky game.