Gramatech Tabletop Sealers

Tabletop heat sealers from Gramatech are offered in seal only and vacuum enabled models and are used to seal various bags such as PP, PE, Foil, Tyvek and Nylon. These high quality American made commercial heat sealers are widely used in food, industrial, medical device and pharmaceutical applications. Compare models in the chart below.

*Gramatech is an entity of IMPAK Corporation as of 2017.

One Size: 16"
Value Vac
Economically Priced Entry Unit
entry tabletop vacuum sealer

A great option for those who do not require a gas flush or bi-active seal.

One Size: 18"
Mighty Mutt
A Powerful Mid-Range Option
mighty mutt

A robust powder-coated vacuum sealer with gas-flush option.

Multiple Sizes: 21" – 61"
The High Quality, Flexible Option
gramatech vacuum sealer

A stainless-steel unit with digital control that earns its name, in 6 sizes.

  Value Vac Mighty Mutt WorkHorse
Stainless Steel - - check
Powder Coated check check -
Multiple Seal Lengths - - check
Vacuum & Gas Flush - check Gas Flush with Option check
iS2 Compatible - - check
220V Available check check check
Stand Available - - check
Digital Controls with Recipes - - check
Analog Controls check check -
Dual Nozzles - - check
3rd Party Calibration - - check With iS2
USA Made check check check

Benefits of a Gramatech Sealer


Gramatech sealers are made in the USA with quality parts.

labelHighly Customizable

Choose stainless-steel, powder-coated, seal-only or vacuum/gas-flush, etc.

labelReasonably Priced

No need to buy more machine than you need. Select features that match your budget.

labelCompact Yet Powerful

Tabletop units with the power you would expect from larger units.

Need More Machine? Or Vertical Seal Bars?

See Our Freestanding Sealers

Interested in Learning More?

iS2 - The Intelligent Sealing System

Need precise control of time, temperature and pressure? Upgrade to the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2). Digital control over time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.

Right Sealer for Your Setting

A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs.

Choosing a Vacuum Sealer

Not every Industrial Vacuum Sealer applies to every application. There are different models and types of Vacuum Sealers available, and each one of those sealers has different features that can affect the way a production line works.