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Long Term Food Storage Information

Welcome to IMPAK's comprehensive guide for long term food storage, so you can be prepared for any natural disaster or emergency that comes your way. If you are preparing for the possibility of a food shortage or disaster, IMPAK supplies the necessary materials for long-term food and product storage.

These are general suggestions and may not apply to all applications. If you have different applications or conditions applying to your food storage you may need a more "custom" food storage system. We are glad to answer any questions and help recommend the best storage system for your application.

What is Long Term Food Storage (LTFS)?

There are various sites throughout the internet that will tell you why LTFS is important, so that you can be prepared for the worst, but no site will have you better prepared than sorbent Many of you are probably already familiar with LTFS and have done research on what you need for storing your food for extended period of time, but for those of you aren't familiar and those who need a reminder, LTFS requires the following things to make sure that your food is protected for 10-15 years:


MylarFoil bags are the base to LTFS success. These specific bags provide you with the protection that you need to make sure your food doesn't spoil over time. Salts, pastas, sugars, oats, and grains are all susceptible to decay from light, oxygen, and water. Mylar bags prevent these elements from degrading your food by blocking out the light and reducing the amount of moisture and oxygen that can enter the bag over time. Check out our bundles to get started. LEARN MORE


Oxygen Absorbers will continue to protect your goods throughout the time your food is stored. Oxygen can be detrimental to food because it oxidizes complex fats, carbohydrates (sugars), and proteins. The oxygen scavengers work in a two-step process by eliminating the amount of oxygen that is in the your MylarFoil Bag initially and it will continue to keep at below 0.1% during the time that your food is stored. Our Bundles match the perfect sized oxygen absorber with the right Mylarfoil bag. LEARN MORE

What size oxygen absorber do I need?


IMPAK's Heat sealers make sure that you have a perfect and consistent seal every time. Other sites will recommend using other methods of sealing, but to make sure that you have a consistent seal for all of your packages, be sure to use the Constant Heat Hot Jaw Sealer is the best item on the market. This hand held unit can handle quart size bags all the way up to the 5 gallon pail liners. With an approximate 0.5" seal, this sealer makes sure your food is protected for many years. LEARN MORE

Freeze Dried Food Packaging

Freeze dried food is not only the most nutritious food preservation process, but because of this industry standard method it can also be used for dehydrated/dried food packaging. IMPAK is proud to be a provider of supplies for the food preservation community for over 25 years and we look forward to the continued growth and education of the American public.

The most well-known applications for freeze dried food are of course astronaut meals and military rations, without NASA and the US Military we imagine the industry would still be in it’s infancy. Also known as lyophilisation or cryodesiccation in the biological, biomedical and food processing industries the prepared food is frozen at between -30°F and -50°F and once frozen a dryer will create a vacuum inside the chamber. As the food is warmed under vacuum the water turns to vapor and evaporates, this is known as sublimation. When finally dry the food is removed and placed inside vacuum sealed MylarFoil bags, or in MylarFoil bags with an oxygen absorber to maintain freshness and longevity.

The oldest method of food preservation is dehydration which removes the water, traditionally through evaporation, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeasts and mold. Electrical dehydrators are readily available in the marketplace but not required as you can achieve similar results with sun-drying or even wind depending on your locale. Some companies recommend preservatives but freezing or refrigeration are also generally accepted methods of storing dehydrated foods for extended periods of time.

IMPAK highly recommends the American Made Harvest Right freeze dryers found here:
The photo to the right is the most popular home freeze drying system – we even have one here!

To help assist and support the food preservation community IMPAK has created the below complete package which includes heavy duty MylarFoil bags, oxygen scavengers and an impulse heat sealer. Once you have a freeze dryer you will be up and running!

Here’s what you get:
The heavy duty moisture and oxygen barrier bags measure 8” x 12” OD and the bags are OVER 7 mils thick of a MylarFoil material and have tear notches at the top for easy opening when ready to use. There’s even a section printed on the bag which allows you to write on the outside with the contents and date which it was prepared.

A full master bag of 100cc oxygen absorbing packets, just like the ones you see in beef jerky to keep your food fresh. The absorbers are more than sufficient for the 8” x 12” bag so even if the bag is not filled to the top it will still do its job and keep your food fresh for years to come. Simply open the master bag of absorbers once you’ve got your foil pouches filled and ready to go, drop them in and heat seal. Any remaining absorbers in the master bag can be re-heat sealed in the bag or placed in a mason jar with locking lid.

Our most popular 12” impulse heat sealer which provides a hermetic seal at the open end of your bag in just a few seconds. It even comes with a free spare parts kit so you can use it for many years to come.

  • Full case of 500 bags (normally $111.00) +
  • Full 2,500-unit case of 100cc Oxygen Absorbers (normally $154.80) +
  • 12” Impulse Hand Sealer with 5mm element and free spare parts kit (normally $53.50)
Totaling $319.30 can be yours for only $255.40 plus shipping.

Freeze Dried Food Packaging
Special 1 - $255.40

  • 100-unit bundle of bags
  • 100-unit bag of 100CC Oxygen Absorbers
  • 12” Impulse Hand Sealer with 5mm element and free spare parts kit
For $124.00 plus shipping.

Freeze Dried Food Packaging
Special 2 - $124.00


  • 1 case (normally $111.00) with 15% discount $94.35
  • 2-4 cases @ $82.10

Freeze Dried Food Packaging
Special 3


Mylar Bags

Part Number Description 100 bags 1 case 2+ cases Order
PAKVF3.5M Foodgrade 1 Quart Bag 3.5 mils Shiny Silver with Tear Notch
$171.00 $128.00

Oxygen Absorbers

Part Number Description Bag 1 Case 2-4 Cases 5-9 Cases 10+ Cases
Bag P/N:
Case P/N: SF300CS1500
300cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Use one for a #10 can or equivalent size. You can also use a number of these in a larger container, depending on residual air volume. 50/bag; 1,500/case
$128.80 $105.00 $98.30 $85.50
Bag P/N: SF1KPK20
Case P/N: SF1KCS400
1000cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest: Use 2 of these in a 5 gallon bucket, depending on residual air volume. 20/bag; 400/case
$106.40 $95.76 $90.45 $85.15

Bag P/N: SF15KPK25
Case P/N: SF15KCS500
1500cc Oxygen Absorbers.
Suggest: Use one of this size for a 5 or 6 gallon bucket. 25/bag; 500/case
$153.90 $136.80 $119.70 $102.60
Bag P/N: SF2KPK10
Case P/N: SF2KCS240
2000cc Oxygen Absorbers.
10/bag; 240/case
$102.00 $95.50 $89.60 $85.90


Hot Jaw Sealers

HotJaw Heat Sealer
PRICE: $99.10
HotJaw Heat Sealer (Case of 6)
Compare to $594.60 if purchasing six separate sealers!
PRICE: $495.50

Impulse Sealers

Image Max Seal Length Seal Width Weight Part Number Order W/Spare Parts Kit
12 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 12" - 300mm 5mm 13 lbs IPK-305H


Case of 6
Includes 6 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.
16 inch Impulse Heat Sealer 16" - 400mm 5mm 15 lbs IPK-405H


Case of 6
Includes 6 Spare Parts Kit



This price is exclusively for
purchase with the sealer.

KeepFresh 108

KeepFresh 108
PRICE: $99.00
KeepFresh108 (Case of 6)
PRICE: $408.00

Long Term Bundles

5 Gallon Bundle
  • 20.0" x 30.0" Mylar Bag (20MFS30)
  • 1000 cc Oxygen Absorbers (SF1KCS400)

  • Add on Hotjaw Sealer (IPKHS606T) for $69.90

    Complete 5 Gallon Bundle
  • 1-5 gallon Mylar Foil Bag
  • 2-1 gallon Mylar Foil Bag
  • 8-7.5" x 9.25" Mylar Foil Bag
  • 50- 200cc OAPS
  • Add on Hotjaw Sealer (IPKHS606T) for $88.99

    2 Liter SpoutPak Bundle
  • Part Number: FTS05DG
  • 7" x 10.5" x 4.0" OD Double Gusset Transparent Stand Up SpoutPak Pouch 2 Liter SpoutPak™; with 9mm Re-closable cap, Sealed on all sides for Filling Through Spout.
  • 5 bags @ $19.95
  • 10 bags @ $35.95
  • 25 bags @ $79.95

  • 1 Gallon SpoutPak Bundle
  • Part Number: SP135GPA22
  • 13" x 12.75" x 6" OD Transparent Stand Up SpoutPak™ bag with 22mm ID Re-closable cap, Sealed on all sides for Filling Through Spout
  • 5 bags @ $29.95
  • 10 bags @ $45.95
  • 25 bags @ $89.95

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