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Indicating Desiccators

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Indicating Desiccators are small refillable tubular desiccators designed primarily for the absorption of moisture in small containers. Each type of Indicating Desiccator (DA01-DA04)  incorporates a Humidity Indicator card. This indicator monitors the Relative Humidity (RH) of the container air as well as the condition of the desiccant itself.

Typical applications include:
  • Military equipment
  • Optical instruments
  • Medical diagnostic devices
  • Sealed electronic devices
Different Desiccators for your unique dew-point and temperature conditions. The DA01 and DA03 Desiccators contain about 0.25 of a unit (or 6 grams) of desiccant while the DA02 and DA04 assemblies contain about 0.6 units (or 14 grams).

Silica Gel is typically used in desiccators, however, if extremely low dew points must be maintained, or if high operation temperatures are to be encountered, molecular sieve may be desirable. Any available desiccant or indicator card may be used with any desiccator. All desiccators can be modified to "breathe" by drilling a small hole through the viewing window. Please contact us for recommendations.

Ease of use, combined with ease of ordering, makes Indicating Desiccators "user friendly" DA01 and DA02 Desiccators are supplied with all attaching hardware for mounting. DA03 and DA04 Desiccators come with an O-Ring for installation in a threaded boss. Each unit is refillable by unscrewing and removing the end cap.

Identifying the Desiccator that will fit your needs is easy. The type of desiccant as well as the type of indicator card desired is specified by the designating part number suffixes.

Choose your design:

  Desiccator Style Type of Desiccant Type of Indicating Card

DA01 00-None Supplied 123 (10, 20, 30% RH)

DA02 01-(Silica Gel) 234 (20, 30, 40% RH)

DA03 02-(Molecular Sieve, Type 4A) 246 (above 20, 40, 60% RH)

DA04 03-(Molecular Sieve, Type 13X) 004 (40% RH)

*Please note that the styles are standard, however, desiccators can be conveniently ordered in any combination of Desiccant or Indicator Card. For example, Desiccant Style DA01 can be ordered with an 02 Desiccant and a 246 Indicator Card.

Table of Weights

Materials & Finished

DA01 .11 lbs. 50 grams Aluminum alloys; standard finish; clear and/or black anodize. Gasket material is per MIL-S-6855. Class II, Grade 60.
DA02 .17 lbs. 77 grams
DA03 .07 lbs.  32 grams
DA04 .13 lbs. 59 grams

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