Thermal Welding

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Our MasterWeld series of sealing machinery can create exceptional welds 1.0" (25mm) and .5" (15mm) wide in materials for specialty bag manufacturing, crating, and vinyls used in sign production and geotextiles.

The open back on these units makes them excellent for inline splicing of rollstock. These machines have been effectively used for monolayer materials like polyethylene and laminated and coated structures with multiple layers of different materials.

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Model: MW1200-25


  • Model Number: MW1200-25
  • Seal Length: 48.0 inch
  • Std. Seal Width: 1.0" (0.5" available as an option)
  • Electrical: 220 VAC


Custom MasterWeld™ units: 10 FOOT & 15 FOOT Seal Widths.

Custom units with 10 & 15 foot heating elements are available. The unit picture below has the following features:

  • Top & Bottom heat
  • Pneumatic components produced by SMC.
  • Precision machined brass screws with slot for heating element
  • *PTFE Flouropolymer backup roll feature for ease of use (eliminates or reduces installation time for new *PTFE Flouropolymer covers.)

Machine covers above and the super sack resin liner were produced on this equipment.

Commitment to quality

The parts used in our equipment represent the highest quality materials available. A few examples are shown below:

A: SMC Pneumatics - The world leader in this field provides the pneumatic cylinders in all our MasterWeld™ machines.

B: Precision machined brass screws and fittings. Note the machined slot in the brass screw through which the heating element is securely fastened.

C: All CPU based control panels are top grade Mitsubishi Electric components

Attention To Detail

From design to production, the MasterWeld series (48.0 inches wide unit with 1.0" 25mm heating element shown) of dual (top & bottom) element sealing machines have clean precise construction allowing for efficient maintenance and replacement of consumable parts.

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