HIPPO Vaccum Sealer


Retractable Vacuum Sealer

Starting Price: $895.00
Standard Features:

  • Advanced all-electric technology – No compressed air required
  • Built for commercial use
  • Both manual & automatic vacuum modes
  • Seal Only mode
  • Pause cycle switch
  • Easy to use controls
  • Built in moisture & particulate filter
  • Easy to remove and clean stainless steel nozzle
  • Built in voltage conversion (100V to 240V / 1PH)
  • Can be used with most vacuum pouches
  • Units ship within 3 business days
  • Full 1-year warranty **
  • ** Warranty includes parts & labor, except for consumable parts. No shipping charges are covered

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Hippo Retractable Vacuum Sealer

HIPPO Retractable Vacuum Sealer
Part Number: VHP12RN

Price: $895.00

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HIPPO Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer

The HIPPO is a compact, powerful nozzle-style vacuum sealer with easy one-touch operation. With just two buttons, it offers 3 operating modes: automatic, semi-automatic, and seal only.

Its compact size and convenient operation make the HIPPO ideal for both home and commercial applications ranging from research labs and industrial factories, to restaurants and food packagers. It may be used up to 300 times per day, with 100-cycle continuous use.

An adjustable seal time of 1 to 9 seconds allows the HIPPO to work with a range of materials such as poly-nylon, Mylar/foil laminates, and more. Bags up to 12.0” wide may be sealed in one pass, and larger bags may be sealed in stages.

A built-in catch-cup collects excess liquid, allowing the HIPPO to seal wet contents without slowing or damaging the machine. The vacuum nozzle has a filter to prevent debris entering the machine, and is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

This simple yet effective vacuum sealer is the solution for small to medium production settings, where space and convenience are a concern.

See the release on PRWeb.com: IMPAK Introduces Lightweight Yet Durable Low Cost Vacuum Sealer

Model #: VHP12RN
Seal length: 12.0” / 300mm
Seal width: 0.19” / 5mm
Max vacuum pressure: 23.6 inHg (80kpa)
Vacuum flow rate: 7 L / min.
Max vacuum time: 60 sec.
Vacuum & Seal modes: Automatic vacuum / Manual vacuum & Seal only mode
Seal time: 1 – 9 sec.
Voltage: 100 – 240V 50/60HZ
Power consumption: 200W
Weight: 8.8lbs. / 4.0kg
Machine dimensions: 15.5” W (394mm) x 10.5” D (266mm) 6.9” H (175.3mm)


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