Uniquely Shaped Pouches

About Our Uniquely Shaped Packages
IMPAK is a leading innovator in the production of uniquely shaped bags.

Brands are turning to unique shapes for their packaging as a way to attract consumers, promote brand identity, and in many cases, to accomplish a function of the package better.

Liquid and gel squeeze packets, for example, offer a funneled tip for better precision compared to a square pouch; Cone shaped bags are now standard for popcorn and candy; And round mini bags offer a memorable package format for single-serving applications.

The above are just a few examples of the thousands of unique shaped bags IMPAK has produced for customers with specific packaging needs. See our list of ready-to-order unique bags below.

Applications for Uniquely Shaped Pouches
IMPAK offers all the unique sizes and shapes you see below, and has the ability to produce custom packages. *Custom print, size, color and material available by order. Learn More

Order stock items below, or contact us for custom orders.

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  Pouch Type Industries & Applications
Dispenser Tip Pouch
Also known as: liquid pack, gel pack, gel pouch

Ideal for dispensing liquids, gels, pastes. Withstands high temperatures, (up to 250° F for 55 minutes) for hot fill
Energy Gel, Essential Oils, Spreads and Butters, Epoxy, Pastes, Glues, Aggressive Chemical Compounds (such as petroleum distillate)
Peelable Foil Patch
Also known as chevron pouches, foil to foil pouch

White & Silver Peel Pouch with Chevron seal. High barrier material; easy to open.
Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Tissue, Coated Products, Moisture Sensitive Devices
Cone Shaped Pouch
Also known as: popcorn bag, candy bag, frosting bag

2 Stock Sizes; Food-grade.
Food & Craft Applications: Popcorn, Candy, Cake Decorating, Guacamole, Snack Bags, Gift Bags, Decorative Packaging
Home Plate Pouch
Also known as pointed zipper bag and triangle pouch

Zipper pouch with pointed end. Tamper evident. Small “palm” size.
Food & Pharmaceuticals
Circle Pouch
Also known as round pouch

Round mini pouch with tear notch
*Small sample size / single use pouch
Pharmaceuticals, Supplements, Food & Candy
Also known as Etruscan pouch, oil sample

Unique shaped pouch designed for olive oil samples
Olive Oil Sampler Pack
Breath Bag
Also known as collection bag, breath sample bag

Collection card/ bag for medical analysis
Medical: Hospitals, Labs, Clinics
*As used in Helicobacter pylori breath analysis system

[By custom order only; Contact us]
Flower Pouch
Also known as Stand Up Pouch Vase
Florists, Gift Shops

Mason Jar Bag

mason jar bags

Reusable zipper bags printed to look like vintage jars, a la Mason and Ball, are now available as part of IMPAK’s line of flexible packaging that is easy filled and labeled.

This flexible format gives brands the vintage appeal of a mason jar and the added touch of printed graphics; which means the bags feel custom-printed but do not require the volume of a standard custom-print order. IMPAK will soon provide customers with these zipper bags in two options: one with a frosted effect and image of a twist cap jar, and another with a clear-gloss option with the image of a hinge latch lid.

A multitude of products from cosmetics and toiletries, to health foods and dry goods can be packaged using this unique format, and they can also be sold directly to consumers.

Product Size Pack of 12 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 -9 Cases 10 - 14 Cases 15 - 20 Cases 25+ Cases Order
Mason Jar Stand Up Pouch - 1200/case
6.25" x 8.825" x 3.25" O.D. $8.99

$218.35 $208.95 $198.55 $188.25 $178.45 $168.65

Mason Jar with Black Lid Stand Up Pouch - 1200/case
6.625" x 9.875" x 2.75" O.D. $8.99

$219.55 $209.25 $199.40 $189.20 $179.50 $169.30

Mason Jar Stand up pouch without zipper - 1000/case
6.25" x 9.625" x 3.25" O.D. $8.99

$199.95 $189.35 $179.15 $169.65 $159.60 $155.25

Dispenser Tip Pouch

dispenser tip pouchdispenser tip pouchdispenser tip pouch

Our dispenser tip pouches are designed to withstand high temperatures (up to 250°F for 55 minutes) for hot fill. They are also made to safely package aggressive chemical compounds such as petroleum distillate, epoxy, essential oils, etc.

Photo Product Size Material Color 100 - 900 1000 - 2900 3000 - 4900 5000+ Order
dispenser tip pouch DTP02PCA055
Silver Dispenser-Tip Pouch - 5000/case
2.0" x 5.5" PAKVF4PCA
5.0 mil
Silver $0.255/ea $0.13/ea $0.096/ea $0.081/ea

dispenser tip pouch DTP0225PCA03625
Silver Dispenser-Tip Pouch with Tear Notch - 5000/case
2.25" x 3.625" PAKVF4PCA
5.0 mil
Silver $0.219/ea $0.119/ea $0.089/ea $0.069/ea

dispenser tip pouch 35MDTP0225055
Silver Dispenser-Tip Pouch with round corners - 5000/case
2.25" x 5.5" PAKVF3.5M
3.5 mil
Silver $0.255/ea $0.13/ea $0.096/ea $0.081/ea

dispenser tip pouch 35MDTP0225055BLK
Black Dispenser-Tip Pouch with round corners - 5000/case
2.25" x 5.5" PAKVF3.5M
3.5 mil
Black $0.255/ea $0.13/ea $0.096/ea $0.081/ea

dispenser tip pouch DTP03MCP055ZTE
Silver Dispenser-Tip Pouch with Zipper and Tear Notch - 1000/case
3.0" x 5.5" PAKVF4MCP
4.0 mil
Silver $0.399/ea $0.3495/ea $0.3291/ea $0.2994/ea

dispenser tip pouch 35MDTP03750625
Silver Dispenser-Tip Pouch with round corners - 5000/case
3.75" x 6.25" PAKVF3.5M
3.5 mil
Silver $0.279/ea $0.159/ea $0.1295/ea $0.0995/ea

Learn how IMPAK can help with packages that develop with a brand’s changing needs:

Sage Side "Spout" Dispenser Tip Pouch

Sage dispenser tip pouchSage dispenser tip pouchSage dispenser tip pouch

Product Size Material Color 100 - 900 1000 - 2900 3000 - 4900 5000+ Order
Sage Dispenser-Tip Pouch - 5000/case
2.75" x 5.0" PAKVF4N
4.3 mil
Sage $0.255/ea $0.109/ea $0.081/ea $0.065/ea

Peelable MiniPouches


Peelable pouches insure that contents stay contaminate-free. Chevron pouches, sometimes called foil to foil pouches, are used to package single-use items, often used in medical applications. The high barrier material is ideal for packaging sensitive materials because it offers protection from moisture, light, gases and other contaminates. The high quality film is also resistant to tears and punctures.

Product Size 100 Bags 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 - 9 Cases 10 - 19 Cases 20 + Cases Order
02PL04125W 2.0" x 4.125" O.D. $32.00

$275.80 $267.50 $239.25 $198.40 $175.80

Description: Peelable Pouch (1,000/Case) - Structure:
Front: 80Gram coated paper/.0065mmAL/.04mmPE - White
Back: .0125mm PET/.0065mm AL/.06mm peelable PE - Silver

Cone-Shaped Pouches

Clear Plastic Cone Shaped Bag with Snacks           Clear plastic cone shaped bag           Cone shaped bag gift

Introducing the new food-grade Cone-Shaped pouch! Coming in small and medium sizes, these bags are perfect for cake decorating, gift bags, popcorn, guacamole, snack bags and many more applications.

Product Size Description Case Qty Trial Pack 1 Case 2-4 Cases 5-9 Cases 10+ Cases Order
095CN17125TN 9.5" x 17.125" Transparent cone-shaped pouch with tear notch 3.5" from top 1,000 100 bags @ $39.60

$238.60 $217.80 $178.20 $158.40

TR112025TN 11" x 20.25" Transparent cone-shaped pouch with tear notch 4.75" from top 500 50 bags @ $45.00

$302.50 $276.10 $248.00 $221.10

↓ Need Custom Printing For Your Application? ↓

Clear Plastic Cone Shaped Guacamole Bag  Clear plastic cone shaped Casa Solana bag  Cone shaped Printed Bags  Cone shaped peanut snack bag    

Home Plate Pouches

triangle pouch

A ZipSeal pouch with a tamper evident sealed top and tear notch. The bottom of the bag has been sealed in a triangle shape making the overall shape of the bag look like home plate.

Product Size Material Color 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 + Cases Order
Home Plate Pouch - 1000/case
4.0" wide at the open end by
5.5" from flat end to point
4.5 mil
Silver $198.40/Case $162.40/Case $128.40/Case

Circle Pouch

Circle Pouches

A circular pouch for single-serve / single-dose applications. This circular pouch has a tear notch that makes it easy to open. Great for small items that will be used in one sitting such as candy and medicine.

Product Size Material Color 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 + Cases Order
Black Circle Pouch
with Tear Notch - 1000/case
3.5 mil
Black $130.20/Case $110.60/Case $91.50/Case



A single serve, or sample sized pouch for olive oil. Shaped like a vase and made from food-grade material that will protect flavor. A tear notch at the top makes it easy to peel open and use.

Product Size Material Color 1 Case 2 - 4 Cases 5 + Cases Order
TuscanPak - 1000/case
3.0" x 5.75"   See Image $162.20/Case $127.50/Case $91.70/Case

Frangible Seal Pouch


3.0" x 9.0" O.D. PAKVF46MCP Frangible Seal Pouch With Tear Notch.

Product Size Material Color 100 - 500 bags 600 - 1900 bags 2000 - 4900 bags 5000 + bags Order
Frangible Pouch - 1000/case
3.0" x 9.0" PAKVF46MCP Silver $0.399/ea. $0.339/ea. $0.279/ea. $0.159/ea.

Parallelogram Pouch

3.5" x 2.75" O.D. PAKVF3.5M Gold 3 side seal pouch with tear notch 0.25" from open end.

Product Size Material Color 100 - 900 bags 1000 - 2900 bags 3000 - 4900 bags 5000 + bags Order
Parallelogram Pouch - 5000/case
3.5" x 2.75" PAKVF3.5M
3.5 mil
Gold $0.255/ea. $0.13/ea. $0.099/ea. $0.089/ea.

Custom Tear Notch

3.125" x 2.75" O.D. O.D. MVF6BK custom shaped 3 side seal pouch

Photo Product Size Material Color 100 - 900 bags 1000 - 2900 bags 3000 - 4900 bags 5000 + bags Order
dispenser tip pouch 6MCS03125MPBK0275
3.125" x 2.75" MVF6BK Black $0.239/ea. $0.179/ea. $0.149/ea. $0.119/ea.

Retail Hanger Pouch

A silver 11.0" x 16.0" ZipSeal Bag with built in hanger. Pre-sealed on 3 sides, open at the zipper end, with a clear window that measures approximately 10.25" wide by 12.0" tall.

Product Size Color 25 bags 50 bags 100 bags 1 Case
Retail Hanger Bag - 300/case
11.0" x 16.0" Clear / Silver (vista) $24.95




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