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Flexible packaging solutions for medical devices, sensitive electronics, food, and emergency preparedness; including Mylar® bags, stand up pouches, liquid spout bags, and zipper bags. Interested in custom packaging? Contact IMPAK

MYLAR® is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films

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flat Mylar® bag
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Mylar®Foil bags are used in a wide range of industries which require moisture and oxygen barriers to ensure product integrity.


standup pouch
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Shop a wide range of stand up bags for retail and commercial applications. FDA compliant food-safe. Silver, colored, kraft and more.


printed packaging
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IMPAK specializes in custom printed packaging with unique features such as zippers and spouts, with finishes such as matte/gloss, holographic, frosted film and more.


foil ziplock bag
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Zipper bags in a range of barrier materials, with two fill-formats: fill past zipper or fill from bottom. Ready-made options as large as 18" x 28".


spout bag
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Liquid spout bags as small as 2oz and as large as 8+ gallons. FDA compliant, food safe materials with excellent barrier properties for extended shelf-life.


child resistant/
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Choose from a range of sizes and styles for child-resistant packaging. Reclosable and single-dose options. Ask us about custom printed pricing.


vacuum bags/
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Barrier packaging made specifically for use with a vacuum sealer. Durable FDA approved film for both food and non-food applications.


stikpak pouches
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Stick Packs are often called “packets.” They are generally long and thin, and are used to package small quantities, most typically food, but also cosmetics and oils and powders.


unique pouches
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Unique and custom shaped pouches are ideal for applications with unusual needs. Shop specialty shapes: circle, dispenser top, and more.


vista/window pouches
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Window bags are bags with a clear window in them, whereas “vista” bags have an entire side of the bag that is clear. Both are ideal for showcasing products while maintaining barrier protection.


high barrier drum liners
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Also called pail and can liners, these bags offer increased barrier protection against moisture and oxygen for items which will be stored in 5 gallon cans to 55 gallon drums.


kraft pouches
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These bags have an outer paper/kraft layer, food-safe inner layer. These retail-ready bags are ideal for retail and food packaging.



IMPAK Offers Custom Printed Packaging

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Why Flexible Packaging?

Flexible packaging has become increasingly popular with brand owners and consumers for its many advantages over rigid packaging. These include space savings, shipping savings, source reduction, materials savings, all while providing excellent product protection via high barrier materials that block light, moisture, oxygen and contaminates.

Brand Recognition & Material Reduction
This format appeals to consumers looking for on-the-go convenience, and brands appreciate the reduction in materials for both economic and environmental reasons. Flexible packaging is especially popular with subscription service brands who have a green initiative and benefit from lighter weight packaging that saves in shipping costs.

Sterile & Secure
IMPAK serves industries from pharmaceutical brands who need sterile, high barrier packaging, to food and beverage brands looking to stand out on shelves and deliver convenience. Features such as child-resistant zippers and tamper evident seals add new functionality to flexible packaging.

Popular Formats & Unique Capabilities
Flexible packaging options include stand up pouches, Mylar® foil pouches, Mylar® zipper bags, spout bags, liquid/gel packets, vacuum bags, boiling bags, fin seal bags, foil lined kraft bags, roll stock tubing and much more. Many of our customers start with a stock order and move to custom printed packaging.

Looking for custom printed packaging? Speak to our specialists: Contact IMPAK

MYLAR® is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films

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