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Ideal Sealers for Home Use/Long Term Food Storage. Our Home/Lab Vacuum Sealers are amazingly compact and efficient. They come in 2 styles: nozzle, which use smooth bags; and external clamp which use textured channel bags. Save money and eliminate food waste. Vacuum sealed food stays fresh up to five times longer than other methods. For additional shelf life, these vacuum sealers can be used in tandem with oxygen absorbers to retard spoilage of most natural products.

Nozzle Style
KeepFresh 108
Use with Smooth Bags
keepfresh vacuum sealer

The most economic option for low-volume vacuum packaging using non-textured bags.

External Clamp Style
CounterMate Series
Use with Textured Bags
countermate vacuum sealer

A range of 5 different commercial-quality vacuum sealers, with ports for canning attachments.

Nozzle Style
Use with Smooth Bags
hippo vacuum sealer

The HIPPO is a compact, powerful nozzle-style vacuum sealer with easy one-touch operation.

Popular Uses for Home / Lab Vacuum Sealer

  •      • Package meat and seafood for extended freshness
  •      • Create emergency/earthquake/prepper/survivalist packs
  •      • Use in lab settings for samples and devices
  •      • Use as waterproof packaging for sensitive products
  •      • Preserve photographs, store collectibles or protect coins
  •      • Package dry or dehydrated food for long-term storage
  •      • Preserve family heirlooms and important documents
  •      • Extend the shelf-life of greens and vegetables
  •      • Create sous vide packs and package pre-prepped meals
  KeepFresh 108 CounterMate Hippo
Smooth or Textured Bags Smooth Bags Textured Bags Smooth Bags
Compatible with Mylar Foil Bags check (Seal Only) - check
Max Bag Width 10.8" 16.0" 12.0"
Max Material Thickness Recommended 3.0 - 5.6 mils 3.0 - 5.0 mils 3.0 - 7.0 mils
Canning Attachment - check -
Digital Time Control - check check
Seal Only Mode check check check

Helpful Videos

KeepFresh Nozzle-Style Vacuum Sealer - watch here
Long Term Food Storage - watch here

CounterMate Sealers - watch here
Hippo Vacuum Sealer - watch here

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