Success Stories

Our Threefold Success: Patience, Quality, Integration

Case Study 1: Custom Pouches for Early-Stage Pharmaceutical Development with Low Volume

Psygen - Custom Print Early Stage Development

A forward-thinking pharmaceutical compound producer engaged in early-stage product development sought sets of drug-contact barrier pouches in various sizes and small volumes, accompanied by separate opaque custom-printed outer packaging to prevent photodegradation. Drawing upon decades of expertise in determining suitable barrier structures for moisture and light-sensitive products, IMPAK identified the transparent PAK48MT2500 structure among its 53 materials on the production floor. This structure not only provided the required barrier properties for the inner pouches but also the lightweight quality desired by the customer.

For the outer packaging, crafted from IMPAK's PAKVF4 high moisture barrier foil-based laminate, five different sizes of tamper-evident ZipSeal™ pouches were tailored to the customer's specifications. Surpassing expectations, IMPAK delivered all pouches within an exceptionally brief turnaround time of just three weeks. Remarkably, this feat was achieved with minimal order quantities - a mere 500 of each pouch. Understanding the complexities of early-stage pharmaceutical development, IMPAK remains committed to leveraging its resources to facilitate the safe introduction of new drugs to the market. These meticulously designed pouches offered unparalleled protection against moisture, oxygen, and light, safeguarding the integrity of the customer's product throughout its journey.

Case Study 2: Custom Lamination for Comparative Testing

A medical product innovator approached IMPAK with a request to manufacture a custom printed pouch for a therapeutic gel. However, they were uncertain whether to opt for IMPAK's standard PAKVF4 structure or a custom lamination that was 1 mil (25 microns) thicker. Eventually, they decided on producing only 1,000 of each pouch, resulting in an additional 170K square inches of the specified laminated structure.

IMPAK boasts one of the industry's lowest minimum requirements for custom lamination, often requiring just one 48" x 3,000' roll. Utilizing laboratory-grade laminators, we generated sufficient raw material to supply the customer with the two distinct pouches, including the custom-laminated structure, essential for conducting a comparative trial of their gel. Understanding the challenging nature of medical product development, we exhibit the patience required to assist our customers in determining the optimal path toward success.

Case Study 3: Custom Pouches and Sealing Equipment Integration

GE HealthCare - Clear/Custom Print

A leading provider of isotope and spectrometry services reached out to us seeking secure packaging solutions for the handling and distribution of solid targets containing a radioactive isotope. IMPAK responded by producing a high barrier 4.25" x 6" pouch tailored to their requirements, featuring a clear window, tear notches, and custom printing. Remarkably, this was achieved with a minimal order quantity of just 500 pouches!

Furthermore, IMPAK supplied them with a chamber vacuum sealer capable of delivering secure, virtually air-free seals to these pouches. In addition, we developed a Production Improvement Platform (PIP) specifically for use with this sealer. The PIP, a robust HDPE plate custom-designed to hold pouches precisely in line with

Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Production Improvement Platform

Watch on YouTube: "Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Production Improvement Platform"

Case Study 4: Accelerating Medical Product Market Entry

CustomPrint - Fast Turnaround

In this particular case, a manufacturer specializing in occlusive wound dressings for combat scenarios approached IMPAK seeking pouches for their product. Initially requesting 25,000 label-ready pouches with specific printing and tear notch requirements, they faced a sudden urgency due to international conflicts, necessitating a one-week turnaround. Leveraging IMPAK's existing inventory, a suitable pouch was identified, albeit lacking dual tear notches. However, the production team swiftly addressed this by adding tear notches offline. The first batch of 5,000 pouches was delivered within 168 hours, followed by an additional 5,000 within the same timeframe. The entire urgent order was fulfilled in less than a week.

Subsequently, the original order of 25,000 color label-ready pouches was completed shortly thereafter with a 552-hour turnaround. Additionally, the customer requested another 25,000 pouches with custom artwork, opting for IMPAK's standard lead time of 7-8 weeks to reduce costs. From purchase to shipment, this order was completed in 1344 hours.