Fast Acting Oxygen Absorbers

Fast Acting Oxygen Absorber - 2.75" x 3.69" - LTECC1K500CS

Low-temperature, fast-acting oxygen absorbers are typically used in food packaging and storage to remove oxygen from the sealed environment, thereby preventing oxidation and spoilage of the contents. A 1000cc oxygen absorber refers to its oxygen-absorbing capacity, which is measured in cubic centimeters (cc). This capacity indicates how much oxygen the absorber can effectively remove from the packaging.

Low-temperature oxygen absorbers are formulated to work effectively even at lower temperatures, such as in refrigerators or freezer storage. The reaction rate may be slower at colder temperatures compared to room temperature absorbers, but they are optimized to work efficiently in these conditions.

Low-temperature, fast-acting oxygen absorbers are designed to work in a range of storage conditions, making them suitable for various products, including dry foods, pharmaceuticals, and sensitive items that require oxygen-free environments.

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2.75" x 3.69" - Fast Acting Oxygen Absorber 1,000cc
(500 packets/case)

Each case includes 10 pouches, with each pouch containing 50 packets.
Part Number: LTECC1K500CS


1 case: $170.59
2+ cases: $122.51/case
5+ cases: $103.21/case


An oxygen absorber suitable for various environments, specially engineered for rapid action, and highly effective even in temperatures below 32 - 37 degrees Fahrenheit (2.78 degrees Celsius)