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Fin Seal / T Seal Bags

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Fin Seal Pouches are produced on automatic equipment, primarily for the snack food industry, foodbars, trading cards and other high volume industries. The equiment used for the manufacture of Fin Seal bags is known as a Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) machine. This machines produces a fin seal package with a seal that runs down the back side of the package which is why the package is called “fin” seal. IMPAK can provide roll stock to run any automatic Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) or Horizontal Form Fill and Seal (HFFS) equipment. However, we also provide pre-made fin seal pouches that replicate the image and appearance of automatically produced packages. Many of these packages are referred to as T-Seal pouches for the distinctive T-Seal that occurs when the bottom seal and center back (fin) seal meet. 17 out of 20 orders at IMPAK are produced to the exact dimensions the customer specifies. The most common material used in the pouches is PAKVF2.5M which is available in 5 colors: red, silver, gold, blue and chocolate. It is also possible to produce these pouches from our thinnest 1.5mil mylar (PAKVF1.5M) which is used in many food bars and snack packaging.

Applications include:
  • Food packaging (Bar Packaging)
  • Medical kits
  • Toner cartridges
  • Pool chemicals
  • Industrial products
  • Coffee and tea

(width x height)
Part Number Material Color 100-500 600-1900 2000-4900 5000+
1.75" x 3.125" 25M0175TS03125 PAKVF2.5M
Silver 0.09/ea 0.07/ea 0.05/ea 0.04/ea

2.0" x 3.625" 25M02TS03625 PAKVF2.5M
Silver 0.09/ea 0.07/ea 0.05/ea 0.04/ea

2.25" x 6.5" 25M0225TS065 PAKVF2.5M
Silver 0.10/ea 0.08/ea 0.07/ea 0.06/ea

2.75" x 6.0" 25M0275FS06 PAKVF2.5M
Silver 0.10/ea 0.08/ea 0.07/ea 0.06/ea

2.5" x 6.0" 025PM406ODT PAKPM4
Clear 0.15/ea 0.10/ea 0.08/ea 0.07/ea

3.0" x 5.125" 25M03FS05125 PAKVF2.5M
Silver 0.09/ea 0.07/ea 0.05/ea 0.04/ea

3.375" x 4.75" 03375FS0475TN PAKVF4M
Silver 0.15/ea 0.10/ea 0.08/ea 0.07/ea

5.5" x 7.5" 055PM4AO075TN PAKPM4AO
Clear 0.20/ea 0.175/ea 0.135/ea 0.10/ea

7.0" x 9.5" PM407FS95 PAKPM4
Clear 0.20/ea 0.10/ea 0.09/ea 0.07/ea

9.0" x 16.0" 09MFS16ODT PAKVF4
Silver 1.35/ea 1.25/ea 1.19/ea 1.05/ea

The Making of a Fin Seal Pouch
As illustrated in the following video, fin seal pouches are primarily manufactured around the product they are designed to protect. IMPAK has a long history of producing pre-printed rollstock to be used with fin seal wrappers like the one below...

IMPAK is a world leader in the production of premade fin seal pouches designed to replicate the appearance of a pouch produced on an automatic fin seal wrapper machine. These pouches come in a variety of colors and sizes and are ideal for packaging everything from candy bars, dried fruit, drink mixes, food bars, as well as trading cards, promotional material, samples and collectibles.

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