How To Choose The Right Sealer For Your Setting

A hermetic seal on flexible packaging can be achieved with any of our sealing machines, this quick guide will help you choose the unit that will work best for your production needs. Here is a simple description on our bestselling models:

An Impulse hand sealer is the perfect unit for small, at home production. A easy to use plug and play machine, it can seal up to 200 bags in a day. Our IPK-205H will work with any of our in stock bags. A fully manual unit in the tabletop format, it can used be anywhere as long as you have the right amount of power.

A hands free Foot Pedal Sealer is the best choice for a growing start up. This semi-manual unit is foot pedal operated machine that can free your hands for other tasks. A production person will be able to seal one bag and hand fill another bag at the same time! With the table attachment set up, you will be able to do multiple small bags at once.

The Automatic Sealers were design for the company moving into full production. With an electrical foot pedal activation, and an automatic sealing cycle time, you can now efficiently create hourly/daily production goals for your production people. The automatic sealing cycle will work in the following manner: as an example, if you set up your automatic sealing cycle time at 5 seconds. The machine is now set up to seal a bag every 5 seconds, there is no need to press the foot pedal or any other activation button.

A RapidSealer™ or Band Sealer is recommended for full production scenarios. Capable of sealing up to 35-70 bags per minute, you can seal up to 2000-4000 bags an hour! A simple ready out of the box machine, it requires minimal training and minimal maintenance. All the production person has to do is feed the bags on to one side of the unit and they will come out sealed automatically out the other side, no need to wait until the next seal. You can also easily emboss/code your bag, you can add an expiration date, company name, etc., each bag will be individually embossed with your message. Just set your embossing wheel with your message, and let the machine speed up your production.

Our Machinery Group is proud to offer this equipment and our technicians and engineers are just a phone call away from answering your questions. Feel free to contact us with any additional info you may need.

  Impulse Hand Sealer Foot Pedal Sealer Automatic Sealer Rapid Sealer
Sealer Type impulse sealer foot pedal sealer automatic sealer rapid sealer
Average Hourly Sealing Quantity 100 - 200 bags 300 - 500 bags 800 - 1200 bags 1800 - 4000 bags
Price $50 - $150 $200 - $400 $400 - $500 $700 - $1300; tabletop
$2000 - $4000; heavy duty
Features Fully Manual Semi-manual, hands free Easy to use, semi-automatic Easy use, rapid production, hermatic seal, code print capability, 220 volt option
Bag Sealing/Minute 2 - 4 bags 6 - 10 bags 16 - 20 bags 35 - 70 bags
Application R & D and start-up business Small Production Small to mid production Mid-high, faster production
Lead Time In stock (1-3 days) In stock (1-3 days) In stock (2-3 days) In stock (2-3 days)

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