Coffee Pak

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The NITROVAC by IMPAK is the ultimate machine for vacuum packaging fresh roasted whole bean and ground coffee. This unit was designed with the custom roaster in mind and comes standard with many of the most sought after features. The list of standard features includes single stage gas flush, four-nozzle system with independent nozzle control, automatic end-of-cycle cleaning purge and much more. The NITROVAC comes standard with an all stainless steel body, stand and shelf. The NITROVAC can be equipped with either an impulse or hot jaw seal system and is designed to handle all types of coffee pouches including the bottom gusseted stand up pouch. If you're ready for the ultimate coffee vacuum packaging unit check out the NITROVAC! Please Note: This machine requires a separate compressed air source capable of prividing 80 psi of clean, dry compressed air to operate.


  • Seal Lengths: 18" (Constant Heat)
  • Seal Lengths: 21" (Impulse)
  • Seal Width: 5/8" w/horizontal crimp (Constant Heat)
  • Seal Width: 1/4" (Impulse)
  • Vacuum Pressure: 28 hg
  • Vacuum Flow: 5.7 scfm
  • Air Consumption: 7 scfm @ 80 psi min.
  • Electrical: 120 VAC, 15 amps
  • Size: Length 24" x Width 12" x Height 12"
  • Approximate Weight: 70 lbs (Unit Only)

We Offer Gas Flush Options. Learn More

Retractable Nozzle System

Retracting Nozzles facilitate bag placement with large or bulky products. This also virtually eliminates operator manipulation of the bag during the vacuum cycle.
Two Stainless Steel Nozzles extend in front of the seal bar during the loading and vacuum / gas flushing stage and automatically retract behind the seal bars for the seal stage.

A four nozzle option is available. Email Us for details.

Two Seal Systems Available

The IMPULSE system provides perfect seals on a wide range of thermoplastic material. The CONSTANT heat system facilitates faster production speeds on foil pouches.
The Coffee Pak is available with your choice of a IMPULSE heat seal system or a CONSTANT heat seal system.

Touch Screen

We are now using the following touch screen for all of our GVS series of vacuum sealers.

Unisonic Model V130 PLC:
  • This unit features a Graphic White LED display (128 x 64dpi.)
  • A built-in keypad which allows for easier data logging and recipes.
  • With all-in-one integral programming for human data access and PLC ladder logic.
  • A 24vdc power supply provides for additional safety, expansion/upgrade ready, and remote access capabilities.
  • This unit packs all the features normally found on very expensive PLC's.

    Digital Temperature Control

    Solid State means that critical Vacuum / Gas and Seal times are controlled with a high degree of accuracy. Variable timing ranges allow for extra long settings on both Vacuum and Gas purge cycles to handle even the largest bags with ease.
    All Vacuum, Gas Flush and Seal functions on the Coffee Pak are controlled by solid state timers. These timers feature variable ranges that are easily adjusted.

    Automatic Purge System

    Automatic Purge means that you are assured of peak performance after every cycle. Costly downtime for cleaning is minimized.
    At the end of each sealing cycle a high pressure blast of air is reversed through the system to purge lodged particles out of the nozzles and pneumatic system.

    Gas Flush Capability

    Protecting fresh pak coffee with a food shielding gas greatly increase shelf life and freshness.
    The Coffee Pak provides the option to back flush a food neutral gas (Nitrogen) into your product before or after the vacuum cycle.

    Pneumatic Safety System

    Operator Safety is the prime concern of all SECO / Gramatech Equipment. This system releases the sealing bar before locking down when a finger or hand is present between the seal bars.
    This system utilizes both electric and electric / pneumatic microswitches to prevent the seal jaws from closing on unwanted objects.


    • Hot Jaw Seal System
    • Stainless Steel Stand and Shelf
    • Stainless Steel Feeder Tray
    • Four Vacuum Nozzles
    • Multi-Stage Gas Flush
    • Stainless Steel Cleaner
    • Spare Parts Kit
    • 220V Option
    • Clean Room Ready

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