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IMPAK Corporation - is constantly adding new products and product lines to our website. Be sure to check this page frequently to see what's new here!


30VF4C36 Mylar Bag
P/N: 30VF4C36: 30.0" X 36.0" PAKVF4C 5.0 mil Mylar Barrier Bag

Our most popular 5.0 mil high-barrier bag for moisture sensitive products. Protection against light, oxygen and moisture, with an impressive inner sealing layer designed to seal directly through oils and powders. FDA-Approved Food-Grade Material.

Bulk discounts available; orders start at just 10 bags.
child resistant pouch
Retail-Ready Child Resistant ZipSeal Pouch: This child resistant pouch features an ingenious thumb-hole that allows adults to pull the bag open while keeping children out. The bright white color, compact size, and tamper-evident closure make it “retail-ready” and ideal for dispensaries and pharmaceutical applications. It can even be vacuum sealed to preserve contents longer.

Measures: 5.5" x 6.75" O.D. Order as few as 100 with a Trial Order.
dispenser tip pouch
P/N: DTP02PCA055: These MylarFoil Dispenser Tip Pouches measure 2.0" x 5.5" O.D. and are perfect for cosmetic creams, lotion samples and drink mixes and concentrates.

As low as $0.0725 per pouch!
tuscan shape pouch
P/N: DT5ML030575TSNPKR1: The elegant TuscanPak™ measures 3.0" x 5.75" and is perfect for single serving dressings, olive oil, and a variety of other applications.

As low as $0.0917 per pouch!
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Sealing Equipment

explosion proof sealers
Custom-Built Explosion Proof Sealers: Certified Explosion-Proof Vacuum Sealers for packaging in hazardous locations. Protection in locations where dangerous elements such as gases, combustible dust, and powder are present. Made in the USA
evs sealer
Electric Vacuum Sealer: IMPAK introduces the first all-electric vacuum, self contained sealer available in three seal lengths; 14, 18 and 23 inch. No external air supply required.
custom pak
Retractable Nozzle Vacuum Sealer: The Custom Pak is the most versatile semi-automatic vacuum/gas flush packaging machine on the market. Boasting standard features such as stainless steel construction; high flow vacuum system; and single gas flush make this the right machine for a variety of vacuum packaging applications. The Custom Pak’s controls are located in a separate enclosure above the seal head. All components used in the Custom Pak machines are heavy-duty and selected to give years of trouble free service. NOW AVAILABLE WITH OPTIONAL SIEMENS TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED, MEDICAL VALIDATION PACKAGE.
chamber sealer
Chamber Vacuum Sealers: Gramatech Chamber Sealers now available with optional Siemens temperature controlled, medical validatable heat seal. Upgrade your chamber sealer to the Intelligent Sealing System (iS2). It allows you to digitally control time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.
single tube sealer
THS177 & THS177D Single Tube Sealers: These self-contained units are ideal for use in laboratories, on production lines, R&D facilities and quality control groups.
pneumatic tube sealer
P/N: MSTSS760 Pneumatic Tube Sealer: Pneumatic Tube Sealer now available in two lengths; 20 and 30 inch: Designed for higher production runs than our THS177 AND THS177D Single Tube Sealing machines, the MTSS760 and MTSS500 Pneumatically-operated Plastic Tube Sealer is capable of sealing up to 3,000 tubes per hour.
26" Portable Handheld Sealer
26" Portable Handheld Sealer: The 26HHC110 is ideal for sealing around oddly-shaped products including drums and box liners. Includes controlled heat cycle and on/off switch.

26.0” Hand Operated, Self-Contained Constant Heat Sealer
Maximum Seal Length: 26.00"
Maximum Seal Width:   5 mm
Power: 110 Volt/ 60 Hz
P/N: PNG460ED: features an all metal powder coated housing, stainless steel retractable nozzle, and solid state controls. The added feature of an on board, self-contained, compressor/vacuum pump eliminates the need for a bulky external air connection. It also sports top and bottom heating elements to handle those tough barrier materials with ease.
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High Temperature Desiccant Capsules: Also refered to as Caged Desiccants, these capsules are capable of withstanding up to 400° C (752° F).
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26 Gallon Water Storage Container
Agua-Tainers: These unique water storage containers are made from heavy duty PVC and designed to store and protect water for a variety of applications.

Comes in three sizes:
.  26 Gallon: As low as $35 each!
.  59 Gallon: As low as $60 each!
.  206 Gallon As low as $250 each!





















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