MiniPouches™ Small Mylar® Bags

Pouches Under 6” in 3 Styles: 3-Side Seal, Finseal and StikPak™

MiniPouches are small pouches and packets. There are 3 main styles: three-side seal pouches, stick packs, and finseal bags. IMPAK is a leading provider of small pouches for applications such as lateral flow devices, diagnostic test strips, small medical devices and environmentally-sensitive products. We offer an extensive selection of small pouches, and can custom-produce highly specific packaging with unique film compositions known for advanced barrier properties and chemical compatibility. Learn more about the 3 main styles of MiniPouches below.

Custom Pouches: Many pouches are produced to customer specifications with a choice of sizes, colors, printed and unprinted. For more information provide the size, application, and quantity required to:

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Standard MiniPouches

3 side seal bags represent the largest group of MiniPouches. This style pouch is sealed on 3 sides, with the fourth side open and ready for a heat-seal. Also included in this category are fold-over bottom bags which are sealed on two sides with a third side that is folded over, and the fourth side open.


Finseal bags are pouches that feature a seal which runs the length of one side, that is often referred to as the fin. The sides of the bag are folded over and one end is sealed. This type of packaging has many applications, but is most widely recognized as candy bar packaging.


StikPak™, or Stick Pack, Pouches area subset of mini pouches. They are generally long and thin in proportion and are used to package small quantities, most typically of food, but also cosmetics and oils and powders. The rise of on-the-go products has created a demand for these small single-serving bags, often called “packets.”

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Looking for a small pouch with a zipper?

Palm Sized Mini-Zipper Pouches Available

Small Barrier Bag Capabilities

For almost 25 years, IMPAK Corporation has provided the “Sorbent System” (e.g., moisture barrier bag with desiccant) to quality conscious customers with specific technical packaging requirements.
Along with their involvement in the development of aluminum foil structures for the long-term shelf life of medical products, such as pregnancy kits, drug tests, and other lateral flow devices including blood glucose test strips, IMPAK has expanded production to include a wide range of other capabilities. IMPAK continues to be a leader in the area of small dimension pouches.
If you cannot find a company that is able, or willing to produce a pouch small enough to fit your needs, look no further: IMPAK has a long history of providing custom-sized bags for unique circumstances.

What are MiniPouches?

At IMPAK MiniPouches are classified as any pouch that is less than 6” wide on the open end and can be made from almost any material that we have on the floor. Pouches are measured by the outer dimension, referred to as “O.D.”
IMPAK is a leader in the production of small MiniPouches for various applications such as lateral flow devices, diagnostic test strips, small medical devices and other products that are sensitive to the environment. While IMPAK and many other companies can provide medium sized pouches, we also specialize in the manufacture of pouches that many other manufacturers cannot even make.

Custom Options

Whether you need printed or unprinted MiniPouches, we can supply pouches to your specific dimensions. From there we offer a wide range of features including load lips, multiple tear notches, colors (7 stock colors available on the floor at any time) and shapes. When other companies tell you that it can't be done, contact us to find out how we can help.

MYLAR® is manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films.

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Custom Packaging

IMPAK produces custom printed pouches and packaging with an emphasis on materials with distinctive barrier properties to protect products from the adverse effects of moisture, oxygen, light and more. Learn about our unique custom capabilities.

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