Double Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Custom Chamber Vacuum Sealers

double chamber sealer

There are applications that require a vacuum chamber sealer to be designed specifically to meet the needs of that application and that is where a Gramatech custom chamber unit in. Gramatech custom chamber units can be either a stock model modified with several standard options or a machine designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs of your application.

The in-house engineering team at IMPAK has designed chamber vacuum sealer units that require very large vacuum cavity areas for extra large products as well as a vacuum system that can delivery a very high vacuum pressure in a very short time. The team has also delivered ergonomic options that help prevent repetitive motion injuries such as an auto lid system on a table-top unit. Custom PLC/HMI programming is also available across a wide selection of hardware so if your company has standardized on a specific PLC brand IMPAK can offer a complete control system solution within that brand otherwise our standard Siemens based PLC/HMI controls systems offer state of the art hardware choices.

The bottom line is IMPAK can built a custom vacuum chamber sealer that will meet all the needs of your specific application. Contact a vacuum chamber sealer specialist at IMPAK today to discuss your application.

Evolution of Innovation

How a Large Scale Chamber Vacuum Sealer for Major Medical Equipment Provider Changed our Technological Trajectory

Custom Chamber Vacuum Sealer Options

check Chamber cavity or working deck size
check Larger vacuum pumps
check Vacuum booster pumps
check PLC / HMI control systems using any hardware platform
check Liquid or air-cooled seal bars
check Integrated conveyor systems
check Gas flush systems
check Integrated compression plates
check Special voltages
check Cut-off systems of different types
check Bi-active seal systems
check Continuous seal systems
check Fully validatable control systems
check And many more...
Need precise control of time, temperature and pressure?

Upgrade to the Intelligent Sealing System iS2. Digital control over time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.

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