Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Single Chamber Vacuum Sealers

single chamber vacuum sealer

The entire line of Gramatech single chamber vacuum sealers offer you an industrial quality machine with exceptional portability. The smallest of the three models, CHSC520LR utilizes the more traditional vacuum cavity where the other two models, CHSC680LR and the CHSC800LR offer you the exceptionally easy to clean flat working deck design. All three models feature all 304 stainless steel housings and come with air assist sealing as standard (to use this feature an external compressed air source is required.

The Gramatech CHSC single vacuum chamber sealers represent one of the best values on the market today and the entire range of models are certified and labeled that they meet UL, CSA and NSF standards. All models utilize the standard of the industry Busch industrial quality vacuum pumps and feature our PD-01 basic digital control system that is not only very operator friendly but also very accurate and if your application could benefit from other features like memory, soft air venting or multi-stage gas flush all Gramatech table-top models can be upgraded to our PNC-01 microprocessor control system.

Therefore, if you need to package anything from cannabis to computer chips or anything in between on a medium scale with truly professional results Gramatech has a single chamber model to meet your needs.

For further information concerning the best Gramatech model to handle your application give us a call today and speak with an IMPAK equipment specialist.

Seal Lengths 21.2" / 540mm (left and right) 20.5" / 520mm (left and right) 26.0" / 660mm (left and right)
220V/1PH Optional Optional (to 5HP) Optional (to 5HP)
All #304 Stainless Steel Construction check check check
Seal System Impulse Impulse Impulse
Bi-active Seal Optional Optional Optional
PNC-01 Controller Optional Optional Optional
Gas Flush Optional Optional Optional
Emergency Stop Optional Optional Optional
Certified & Labeled US, CSA & NSF check check check

Benefits of a Single Chamber Sealer

labelVery little operator input is required to produce a perfect package every time. Just place your package inside the vacuum cavity and close the lid to start the cycle.

labelIf your package or packages fit inside the vacuum cavity and on the seal bar of seal bars then your product can be vacuum packaged in one cycle no multiple nozzles required, except in gas flush applications.

labelAll single chamber models can be upgraded to our PNC-01 microprocessor control system thus adding the capability to have memory capacity as well as multi-stage gas flush and soft air venting.

labelSingle chamber models offer exceptional portability with their heavy duty castors as well as ease of cleaning with their flat working decks (except model CHSC-520LR)

Need precise control of time, temperature and pressure?

Upgrade to the Intelligent Sealing System iS2. Digital control over time, temperature and pressure, plus a touch screen interface, recipe storage and more.

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