RSV1525 vertical Rapid Sealer

RSV1525 RapidSealer™

Vertical RapidSealer™

Starting Price: $1,265.00
Standard Features:

  • - Stainless Steel - All Metal Construction
  • - Digital Temperature Control
  • - Conveyor Max 5.5 lbs. / 2.5 kg
  • - Seal Pouches up to 12" tall

Vertical RapidSealers™:

Stainless Steel Vertical Rapid Sealer with Analog Temperature Controller
Digital Temperature Controller
Part Number: RSV1525SSDCRL
Stainless Steel Vertical RapidSealer™ - Right to Left
Price: $1,265.00
Add On Options:

Digital Temperature Controller
Part Number: RSV1525SSDCLR

Stainless Steel Vertical RapidSealer™ - Left to Right
Price: $1,365.00

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We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need

The RSV1525 Vertical Tabletop RapidSealer™ can quickly and efficiently seal small bags made from a wide variety of materials. The ability to control temperature and conveyer speed makes this band sealer ideal for both small and large projects. At 32" long, this sealer can easily be set up anywhere and storage is never a problem, even in small areas.

The embossing attachment is perfect for adding personal touches to your products, whether it be an expiration date, Lot number, company name, or part number. We also have models that feature a built in Inkjet printer.

Our RSV1525 RapidSealers™ can be configured for either vertical or horizontal operation. Each uses a digital temperature controller for setting temperature of the sealer element.

Sealing Speed 0 - 12m/min (0 - 320"/min)
Sealing Width 6 - 12mm (1/8" - 5/8")
Temperature Range 32 - 572° F (0 - 300° C)
Voltage / Hz. 110V / 60Hz
Power 500W / 4.55 Amps
Max. Load / Pkg. on Conveyor 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
Machine size 32" x 15.75" x 11"
800 x 400 x 320 (mm)
Weight 58 lbs (26.36kg)

Part Number: 77XSPPTKT1525
Price: $159.90 (when purchased separately)
Included Items:

  • - 2 urethane Drive Belts
  • - 10 *PTFE Flouropolymer Bands
  • - 1 Printed Circuit Board

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