RMH14HC - Entry Level Rapid Sealer

RMH14HC - RapidMED

Entry Level Rapid Sealer

Starting Price: $515.00
Standard Features:

  • - Powder Coated Finish
  • - Digital Temperature Control
  • - Conveyor assembly extends 3.25” towards operator for longer bags and 1.75” vertically for products that must be kept flat
What's in the box?
  • - 2mm Socket Head Wrench
  • - 3mm Socket Head Wrench
  • - 4mm Socket Head Wrench
  • - Cross Screw Drive
  • - 1 Feed Inlet Piece
  • - Screw & Nut
  • - 8x10 open spanner

RMH14HC - Entry Level Rapid Sealer™

Entry Level Tabletop Rapid Sealer™ with Digital Temperature Controller
Part Number: RMH14HC

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Need your packaging to be gas flushed?

Introducing the first Rapid Sealer™ with Gas Flush

We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need

IMPAK's Entry Band Sealer is a continuous band sealer, with a right to left configuration, suitable for making and sealing various types of plastic film bags. It is capable of sealing all of our vacuum bags and Mylar bags, as well as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) bags.

This tabletop band sealer has easily adjustable settings including seal temperature and conveyor belt speed. Its powder-coated white finish and silicone covered buttons make it attractive, durable and easy to clean. It is used in applications from food to electronics.

The feed guide adjusts back and forth to allow for a header above the seal of 0.0" to 1.75". The conveyor belt also adjusts forward and back to accomodate large and small bags.

This economical tabletop band sealer stands out from other sealers for its easy operation, compact size, low energy consumption and easy maintenance/consumables replacement. See our spare parts kit for consumables.

RapidMed with Header CardMultiple Header Bags

The most economical solution for sealing header cards, up to 2.0"

Adjust the feed guide 1 to 2 inches to create header above seal: 0.0" to 1.75" headers (works with 2" header cards).

Adjust the conveyor forward and back for use with small or large bags.

Sealing Speed 0 - 12m/min.; 0 - 320"/min.
Sealing Width 6 - 12mm; min: 1/8" - max: 5/8"
Temperature Range 0 - 300 Co; 32 - 572 Fo
Voltage / Hz. 110V / 60Hz
Power 500W / 4.55 Amps
Max. Load / Pkg. on Conveyor 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
Machine size 23.25" x 16.125" x 12.25"
591 x 410 x 310 (mm)
Weight 65.25 lbs (29.6kg)

Spare Parts Kit
Part Number: 14PCXSPPT

  • 2 - PTFE Sealing Belt
  • 2 - Fuse - 6 AMP
  • 2 - Polyflex Belts


Embossing Wheel Kit
Part Number: RMH14XEMBK


Demo with 2" Header Card:

Demo with 1.5" Header Card:

Demo with Unit Open, Showing Heating & Cooling Blocks:

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