VakRapidGF - Gas Flush Rapid Sealer

gas flush band sealer


Gas Flush Rapid Sealer

Starting Price: $2,845.00
Standard Features:

  • - All Metal Construction
  • - Solid State Temperature Control
  • - Fully Adjustable to Conveyor: Vertical - 1.25" / Horizontal - 2.625"
  • Compatible with our Nitrogen Generator Kit
Optional Add-Ons:
  • - Standard Embossing Attachment with limited typeset standard
    (extra characters are available from our Spare Parts Department)
  • - Stainless-Steel Stand

Gas Flush system designed and assembled in California.

VakRapidGF - Stainless Steel Models:

gas flush band sealer
Part Number: RSH1525SSGFRL
Stainless Steel Rapid Sealer™ with Gas Flush
Right to Left Configuration
Price: $2,845.00

Part Number: RSH1525SSGFLR
Stainless Steel Rapid Sealer™ with Gas Flush
Left to Right Configuration
Price: $2,995.00

Need your packaging to be vacuumed?

Introducing the first Rapid Sealer™ with Vacuum

We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need

A continuous band sealer equipped with a gas flush system to remove oxygen and provide cushion for delicate products.

This unit requires a regulated supply of inert gas at 20 psi MINIMUM.

This conveyor style heat sealer is ideal for use with products which benefit from minimal oxygen levels but are delicate and might be damaged by a vacuum.

The nitrogen flush forces oxygen out of the bag for prolonged shelf-life and also creates a cushion for the product.

To operate, the nozzle is inserted into the bag and a bag sensor activates the gas flush. The bag fills as it is passed toward the heating elements. When the edge of the bag meets the nozzle the nozzle pivots out of the way and the bag continues through the heating and cooling blocks where it exits at the other side of the machine.

The machine may be used in conjunction with several gas types but most typically is used with nitrogen. Where space is a concern, IMPAK offers a Nitrogen Generator that converts oxygen to nitrogen and eliminates the need for a bulky tank.

The base unit for this machine is our tried and tested RHS1525 which has a reputation as a workhorse and is known for its easy operation. Consumable parts such as Teflon are readily available from IMPAK and easy to install. The RapidSealer line is an ideal solution for increased production speed with a reliable, simple machine. The addition of a gas flush expands its benefits and adds extra protection against the corrosive effects of oxygen.


Dear Customer: Due to the unique nature and layout of our gas flush and vacuum band sealers combined with the multitude of pouches available we kindly ask that you send in the pouch(es) and physical product(s) you intend to use in the unit prior to or upon purchase. Our skilled technicians will run the pouch through an identical unit and provide any feedback, suggestions or possible issues that may be encountered, such as zipper placement or fill volume. IMPAK is committed to helping our customers make sound purchasing choices, and in most cases we offer this testing free of charge. Please take advantage of the opportunity to gain valuable feedback about your packaging process.

Sealing Speed 0 - 12m/min.; 0 - 320"/min.
Sealing Width 6 - 12mm; min: 1/8" - max: 5/8"
Temperature Range 0 - 300 Co; 32 - 572 Fo
Voltage / Hz. 110V / 60Hz
Power 500W / 4.55 Amps
Max. Load / Pkg. on Conveyor 2.5 kg / 5.5 lbs
Machine size 32" x 15.75" x 11"
800 x 400 x 320 (mm)
Weight 58 lbs (26.36kg)

Spare Parts Kit

Part Number: 77XSPPRKT1525
Price: $159.90 (when purchased separately)
Included Items:

  • - 2 urethane Drive Belts
  • - 10 *PTFE Flouropolymer Bands
  • - 1 Printed Circuit Board

Full Embossing Kit:

Part Number: SPK-RSH1525
Price: $117.50
Included Items:

  • (1) Convex Embossing Wheel
  • (3) each M, F, D, E, X, P
  • (6) each 0-8,
  • (5) each 9;
  • (3) Blank,
  • (6) Period

View Complete List of RSH1525 Spare Parts

Nitrogen Generator

Part Number: RM11042
Nitrogen Gas Generator Equipment for Gas Flush Vacuum Sealers
Price: $3,200.00
The Nitrogen Gas Generator produces Nitrogen gas (N2) from compressed air.
* This module is designed to generate Nitrogen at purities between 95% and 99.5%.

Application: Our NGG can be used as a replacement for heavy and bulky Nitrogen gas tanks. Its slick and compact design allows users to integrate this with their current gas flush enabled vacuum sealers without having to worry about it taking up too much space. Also, customers will not have to worry about a depleting Nitrogen gas source, as our NGG produces Nitrogen from a clean compressed air source.


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