RSH2225 Rapid Sealer™

Rapid Sealer with Dry Ink Printer

Starting Price: $3,059.45

Standard Features:

  • All Metal Construction available on either a Stainless Steel or a Powder Coated Finish.
  • Right to Left or Left to Right Configuration available.
  • Solid State digital Temperature Controller.
  • Standard Printing Attachment included.
  • Capable of printing up to 20 characters at one time.
  • Seals a minimum of 40 bags (Test Production: 3.4" x 4" pouches) per minute.
  • Fully Adjustable Conveyor Table capable of tilting up to 45 degrees.
  • Stainless Steel Industrial grade casters.

  • Spare Parts Kit
  • Bag Counter
  • Various Ink colors: Red, Black, Blue, White, Yellow (Red and Black are stock items).
  • Upgradable Printing Wheel for up to 40 characters available.

Note on Shipping

Please note for machine orders that require crating, we will not charge shipping at checkout. Once we have more final weight and crate dimensions, we will contact you with accurate freight costs to work out the best shipping option for you.

Powder-Coated Models:

RSH2225 powder coated rapid band sealer
PN: RSH2225
Powder Coated Rapid Sealer™ with Dry Ink Printer
Right to Left Configuration
Photo shown in left to right configuration with a stainless steel finish
Price: $3,059.45

Stainless Steel Models:

Stainless Steel Rapid Sealer™ with Dry Ink Printer
Right to Left Configuration
Photo shown in left to right configuration
Price: $3,546.00

Vertical Stainless Steel Unit

PN: RSV2225
Stainless Steel Vertical Rapid Sealer™ with Dry Ink Printer
Price: $4,320.50

Vertical Stainless Steel Unit

VakRapid2.5 Large Stainless Steel Vertical Band Sealer - Vacuum/Gas Flush - Right to Left; with Dry Ink Printer
Price: $7,632.00

We Modify Band Sealers to Fit Your Specific Need

The RS2225™ Continuous Rapid Sealer™ comes equipped with a Dry Ink Printer capable of printing up to 20 characters at one time and can be upgraded to print up to 40 characters at one time. Capable of sealing and printing up to 40 bags (Example; 3.4" x 4") per minute. Each unit comes with a small kit of commonly used letters (M,F,D,E,X,P) and number (0-9) movable types. Perfect for lot codes, expiration dates, company names or any type of message that the customer desires to add. It generates up to 300 C°, so it can heat seal most materials used in flexible packaging. The RS2225™ is an industrial grade machine that can increase production and reduce costs at an affordable price.

WARNING: Spare Parts & Accessories are now SOLD SEPARATELY!
In order to reduce the base price of our RapidSealers, we no longer supply accessories and spare parts with each unit. This allows our customers to select these add-ons only as needed.
The following are additional accessories which may be added-on:

  • (10) PTFE Bands
  • (2) Urethane Drive Belt 13.5"
  • (2) Black Ink Rolls
  • (2) Urethane Belts 19.0"
  • (1) Sensor
  • (1) Silicon Wheel
  • (1) Letter Holder
  • (1) Temperature Controller
  • (1) Main Control
  • (4) Clutch Belts
  • (1) Heating Element
  • (1) ToolKit: 2 Screwdrivers, Wrench, 2 Allen Wrenches, Silicone Wheel
Sealing Speed: 13m/min; 512in/min
Sealing Width Min seal width 1/8" – max seal width 5/8"
Printing Capabilities Up to 20 Characters at one time (Upgradable to 40 characters)
Ink Type Dry Ink Wheel
Temperature Range 0 to 300 C° ; 32- 575 F°
Voltage 110V (Also available on 220V in a wide variety plugs.)
Hertz 60 Hz. for 110V/ 50Hz. for 220V
Power 500 Watts/4.55 Amps
Max. Load on Conveyor Table: 12 lbs. / 4.5 kg.
Machine Size 44" X 24" X 41"
Weight 187 lbs. / 85 kg. (With Packaging Included)


RSH2225 Spare Parts Kit
Part Number: 11CXSPPRTKT

  • (10) PTFE Bands
  • (2) Urethane Drive Belt 13.5"
  • (1) Temperature Controller
  • (1) Heating Element
  • (2) Large Clutch Belts
  • (2) Small Clutch Belts
  • (2) Urethane Belt 19"
  • (1) Main Control Board


View Complete List of RS2225 Spare Parts

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