Industrial-Grade Bag Clips

The Heatless Sealing Solution

IMPAK’s industrial-grade bag clips are made from high-grade durable plastic and are ideal for a wide variety of applications. We refer to them as “heatless sealers” because they offer the ability to reclose non-zippered bags.

In food storage and preservation, they save money, reduce waste and keep your food products fresh by forming an air and watertight seal thanks to a hinge and latch system. No more stale cereal or freezer burned meats and vegetables.

Our industrial customers use our bag clips for everything from hops packaging, to dairy production, to chemical weapons containment. The air and watertight seal provides an effective safeguard against oxygen absorber or desiccant contamination.

Other popular applications include:

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Part Number BGCLP01
Color White
Sealing Length 8.625" - 220 mm
Total Length 10.25" - 260 mm
Weight 1.82 oz - 52 g
Price 1-4 Clips @ $6.90/ea    |    5-19 Clips @ $5.30/ea    |    20-199 @ $4.90/ea    |    200+ @ $4.10/ea

Part Number BGCLP32
Color White
Sealing Length 12.5" - 320 mm
Total Length 14.252" - 362 mm
Weight 2.52 oz - 72 g
Price 1-4 Clips @ $7.60/ea    |    5-19 Clips @ $7.20/ea    |    20-49 @ $6.60/ea    |    50+ @ $6.30/ea

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