Y Layout Simulation

Y-Layout Simulation

With almost 1000 individual vacuum sealers in place in industries that range from high tech medical products in electronics to vine grown hops for craft breweries we can confidently state that we have seen a large number of applications.

Our customers have taught us a few things as well. When it comes to productivity, we have learned about the “Y-Concept”.

Customers have shown us that it is possible to arrange workflow in a manner such that 2 vacuum sealers can be equivalent in production to automated equipment that requires 3x or 4x the capital investment.

If you are familiar with our heavy-duty Workhorse Gramatech units that are on 6 of 7 continents, then you are familiar with the basic cycle they go through. That cycle is in 3 steps. First the bag is placed around the nozzles and the foot switch activated. This causes the jaws to close and the vacuum system begins. This can be as little as 2.5 seconds and as much as 7-9 seconds. The nozzles retract. And the seal cycle begins between 0.8 and 2.0 seconds after the seal cycle is the dwell or sometimes referred to as the quench cycle which is what guarantees a high quality seal. Your machine should always be set to where the dwell cycle is two times (2x) the duration or time of the seal cycle (this will make your seal better and save you on spare parts that you will no longer have to purchase from our company!).

Our customers that taught us the Y-Concept that due to the vacuum-seal-dwell cycle which on even the smallest packages is at least 5-6 seconds and on the larger packages is between 11 and 25 seconds that the operator who is working 1 machine often finds themselves staring at the machine while its going through the process. We could have adjusted our animation to show you the operator stopping and going through a 9-second cycle on one of the machines. Other terms not used: Y-Process simulation, Y-Layout Simulation

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