PAKVF4C is known for its high hot tack strength, wide range of seal ability and ability to seal through contaminates, such as fine powders (i.e., vitamin powders, protein powder, etc.). It also provides an excellent barrier for oily or greasy products. Learn More

The outer layer provides oxygen barrier properties and the FDA approved metallocene poly inner layer provides better puncture resistance than PAKVF4. Ideal for food products, PAKVF4C can also be equipped with a de-gassing valve used primarily to protect products that are organically active, like fresh roasted coffee.

The combination of outstanding properties of PAKVF4C make it the cost-effective choice in a wide variety of packaging applications.

Available in SEVEN stock colors = silver, gold, black, green, red, white, and blue.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: 48ga Pet/adh/.00035 foil/metallocene polyethylene.

Total Thickness (mils) 5.0 mil
Foil layer 0.00035"
WATERVAPOR TRANSMISSION RATE (ASTM F-1249) 0.0006 gms/100 sq.In./24 hrs.
O2 TRANSMISSION RATE (MOCON) 0.0006/cc/100 sq.In./24 hrs.
TENSILE STRENGTH (ASTM D 882)Lbs at break MD 17 lb.
XMD 14.0
TEAR (ASTM-689) MD 800 gms
XMD 1300 gms
SEAL STRENGTH (ASTM-D-882) 375F;26psi; 1 sec 12 lb./in

IMPAK CORPORATION makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the suitability of these materials for any specific use. The values shown above were developed from random samples taken from production material. We believe them to be typical for the product. Actual values may vary somewhat from those depicted here. Customers should determine product suitability based upon their own internal criteria.
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