PD-01 vs. PNC-01 Microprocessor Control System

The Basic PD-01 vs PNC-01 Microprocessor Control System

Any Gramatech model chamber vacuum sealer may be equipped with either the PD-01 basic digital control system or the microprocessor-based PNC-01 control system. Below you will find a comparison of these two systems.

PD-01 Basic Digital Control System

This system allows for only the four most basic machine operating parameters to be controlled and only as a function of time. These parameters are vacuum time, gas flush time for one stage only (only if the machine is equipped with the gas option), seal time (not seal temperature), and cooling or dwell time. All parameters are set using a simple up/down button and are read on a small digital display.

PNC-01 Microprocessor-based Control system

The features listed below are the basic upgraded features that a PNC-01 control system can provide you.

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