Green Coffee Bean Storage

Many of our customers have discovered that their most valued green coffee beans can be subject to moisture damage and other environmental factors. We have a wide range of large Mylar Foil bags that can be helpful in this regard.

The bag below has been successfully used by a number of specialty coffee roasters.
A: Dimensions: 35.0" x 30.0" (OD)
P/N: 25M3530
Color/Structure: Silver/PAKVF2.5M
Packaging: 100/case
Style: 2.5 mil - Food Grade

P/N: 25M3530 - 35" x 30" 2.5 mil bag.

Box Liner


10 @ $1.85 ea.
20 - 90 @ $1.42 ea.
100 + @ $.98 ea.

Please use our SECURE ORDER FORM to order any items in this table.

Note: This bag can also be used as a box liner and then sealed with this handheld sealer.

$20.00 cost savings on the hot jaw when purchasing 100 or more of the 35 x 30 mylar bags above.

Reference above sealer P/N: IPKHS-606T - Use Promo Code 25M3530-IPK and enter in dialogue box when placing your order. The $20.00 deduction will be taken before processing your credit card.

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