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IMPAK offers the largest selection of different style bags for all your flexible packaging needs. All of our bags meet FDA Standards for contact with food and/or pharmaceutical products. Whether you are an organic farmer looking to package vegetables, fruits and spices; a pharmaceutical company looking for an economical package solution; a collector with moisture-sensitive artifacts; or an electronic parts distributor needing a bag for your merchandise, we can help.

IMPAK offers product prototyping and development services for individuals and companies with unique packaging needs. We also have a variety of uniquely-shaped pouches in stock, such as our TuscanPak™, originally designed for Italian Dressing, our circle pouches, our dispensary-tip pouches (ideal for sample packs of lotion, perfume, or oils) and our triangle pouches.

For individuals and companies looking for a competitive edge, IMPAK offers custom printing services. One of our greatest assets to the flexible packaging industry is our ability to create complex, high quality image designs directly on the bags.

IMPAK also specializes in short runs of small custom printed pouches, bags of 2.0" x 2.0" to 6.0" x 6.0" or rollstock. For more information, please contact

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